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Congratulations, ITMA successfully retain the MS ISO/IEC 17025 Certification!

SERDANG, January 2019 - Characterization Laboratory, Institute of Advanced Technology (ITMA) has successfully retained the Quality System of MS ISO/IEC 17025 Certification. The re-assessment on the implementation of MS ISO/IEC 17025 quality systems was carried out on 10th January. The assessment process was conducted by two assessors from the Department of Standards Malaysia comprising of Ms. Ng Pui Wan (Lead Assessor) and Mr. Lau Cheng Siew (Technical Assessor).

ITMA has been accredited for two testing methods which are "Morphology Imaging of Solid Materials using FESEM" and "Qualitative Determination of the element from Beryllium to Uranium Periodic Table for Solid Materials (EDX)” under the scope of Mechanical and Chemistry using ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION SCANNING ELECTRON MCROSCOPE (FESEM) equipment since 2016.

The Quality Manager, Ms. Sarinawani Abdul Ghani said that this success is the result of the teamwork in ensuring the continuity of the implementation of quality systems in the characterization laboratory. “We will make every effort to retain our certification and serve the best service to all customers,” she said.

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