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ITMA's Chronology Highlights


The Institute of Advanced Technology (ITMA) was established on the 1st November 1999 at UPM to lead research and development on cutting edge areas of physical sciences, information technology and engineering. The members comprised of experts in engineering, sciences and IT experts focusing their activities on innovative research, postgraduate programs (Masters and Ph.D levels) and consultation.

Four pioneer research centers were established at ITMA in November 1999 – August 2001 :

  1. Advanced Materials Research Center (AMRC)
  2. Numerical Modeling Research Center (NMRC)
  3. Robotics Research Center (RRC)
  4. Advanced Construction Technology Research Center (ACTRC)


2001 - 2005
In September 2001 ITMA was been restructured in term of organizational structure and human resource

After restructuring, ITMA changed the name from “Research Center” to “Laboratory”, dropped the Advanced Construction Technology Research Center and added four new laboratories to become all together seven laboratories namely :

  1. Advanced Materials Laboratory (AML)
  2. Intelligent System and Robotics Laboratory (ISRL)
  3. Spatial and Numerical Modeling Laboratory (SNML)
  4. Theoretical Studies Laboratory (TSL)
  5. Computer Integrated Systems Laboratory (CISL)
  6. Bio-Engineering Laboratory (BEL)
  7. Advanced Automotive Technology Laboratory (AATL)

Three programs are then developed under each laboratory and led by Head of Programs appointed from academicians from the faculties. To enhance researchers at ITMA, Research Associates from the faculties, Visiting Scientists from other institutions, Fellows and Post-Doc are being appointed.


In line with the Universiti Putra Malaysia’s aim to be a Research University, on 1st August 2006, Intitute of Advanced Technology (ITMA) was restructured. Seven (7) existing laboratories were reduced to five(5) laboratories.

  1. Laboratory of Spatial and Numerical Modeling (SNML)
  2. Laboratory of Advanced Material and Nanotechnology (AMNL)
  3. Laboratory of Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISRL)
  4. Laboratory of Smart Farming Technology (SFTL)
  5. Laboratory of Alternative and Renewal Energy (AREL)



  1. Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology Laboratory (AMNL)
  2. Spatial and Numerical Modeling Laboratory (SNML)
  3. Green Engineering and Sustainable Technology Laboratory (GESTL)
  4. Sensor Technology Laboratory (ISRL)


2012 – present
In January 2012, ITMA restructured its laboratories to be in line with UPM’s vision for ITMA to conduct research activities in niche areas of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. The new laboratories are as below:

  1. Material Synthesis and Characterization Laboratory (MSCL)
  2. Materials Processing and Technology Laboratory (MPTL)
  3. Functional Devices laboratory (FDL)

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