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Kolaborasi Penyelidikan ITMA-MRSM Muar

A research collaboration between MRSM and ITMA was held from 24th August till 28th August 2017 at ITMA UPM. Attended by the Assistant Director of ITMA, Assoc Prof Dr Nizar Hamidon, 9 students and a teacher from MRSM Muar, guided by 3 facilitators and a committee from ITMA .
The students were divided into 4 groups which were focusing on Dye-Sentized Solar Cells, Conductors, PCM and Pressure sensors. Facilitators were responsible to enhance the understanding for fundamentals of the topics selected, basic fabrication process and assisting the students to do experiments and discussing the output. 
The activities were including the tutorials, step by step experiment, fabrication, usage of FESEM to observe the small structures on the surface of materials, also the application of the experiment.
Presentation from each group through a powerpoint slides show on the last day of the activity was panel by the Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohd Nizar Hamidon. Results and output from the students were based on the experiments they did through the days at ITMA.
As a conclusion, this collaboration achieved its target to gain the understanding for the students to have the fundamentals and basic fabrication of the topic selected. There will be a final meet up by end of this year, to finalize the ideas of the student to enhance the performance of the related topics as a preparation for the next year's competition. 

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