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Empowering Science and Technology of SMK Batu 8 Science Stream Students

SERDANG, 24 September – The Materials Synthesis and Characterization Laboratory (MSCL), Institute of Advanced Technology (ITMA) has successfully organized the "Knowledge Transfer Program: Empowering Science and Technology of SMK Batu 8 Science Stream Students”. The program which has been planned since May 2019, was attended by 32 students and accompanied by four teachers from SMK Batu 8 Puchong (SMKBP). This program is focusing on four main subject of science stream: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology which has been conducted by lecturers and facilitators from ITMA, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering. 

The program began with the officiation ceremony by the ITMA Director, Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohd Nizar Hamidon as well as a certificate exchange session between ITMA and SMKBP at ITMA Seminar Hall. The program was then continued by a motivational session by expert from Registrar's Office entitled "Expressive Art Therapy: My Future Self Portrait" and followed by a lecture for Mathematics subject which entitled: “Mathematics, What’s Next?”

In the afternoon session which was held at the Faculty of Science, all students gained access to conduct advanced experiments on the subject of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Among the activities performed were "Magnetic Slime", "Fun with Light", "High Temperature Superconductor System", "Zebrafish: Exploring Embryogenesis", "Baby Cow Beauty Journey & Chicken Egg: How Good is Good", "Rainbow Within” and “Stress and Chlorophyll in Different Plants ”.

Besides conducting experiments, students were also taken around the laboratory and exposed to the post-graduate student routine. ITMA was grateful to all the experts comprises of Cr Siti Fatimah Abdul Ghani, Dr Chen Chuei Yee, Assoc. Prof. Dr Janet Lim Hong Ngee, Assoc. Prof. Dr Thahira Begum, Dr Zuraidah Zan, Assoc. Prof. Dr Suriati Paiman, Dr Mohd Mustafa Awang Kechik, Assoc. Prof. Dr Raba’ah Syahidah Azis, Dr Wan Norhamidah Wan Ibrahim, Dr Mohd Noor Hisham Mohd Nadzir, Dr Bokhary Zainal and Dr Mohd Hafiz Ibrahim and all the facilitators which involved in making this program a success.

The closing event took place at 5.00 pm at the Bilik Saintis Gemilang, Faculty of Science, UPM with a speech from the chairman of the program, Assoc. Prof. Dr Janet Lim Hong Ngee and teacher representative, Ms Yu Guk Ting.

More pictures can be viewed HERE.

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