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Gas Chromatography Workshop 2.0 Workshop

May 3rd 2017, UPM, Serdang. – Material Processing and Technology Laboratory (MPTL), Institute of Advanced Technology (ITMA) had organized Gas Chromatography (GC) Workshop 2.0. This workshop is meant for sharing the knowledge and expertise on ITMA facilities to UPM communities especially.

The morning session is full with the talk by Dr. Umer Rashid, ITMA’s Research Fellow who has over 10 years of experience in Gas Chromatography. The talk’s content was about basic understanding on the Chromatography, the principle of the separation techniques, operation of GC and GC/MS and the data interpretations. The talk ended with the Q&A session.

In the evening, all participants were brought to laboratories for the demonstration sessions. They were separated into two groups as we have two demonstrations on Liquid Sample Testing (GC-FID) and Gas Sample Testing (Online GC). The participants were shown on how the GC system operates and getting some tips on running the testing. At the end of the sessions all of us having a discussion and sharing our experiences.

About 23 participants attended this workshop involving students and staff from several faculties and institution in UPM and 1 participant from MARDI. The workshop ends up with giving certificate to all participants.

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