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International Membrane Technology Webinar

SERDANG, 27 July- ITMA successfully organized a one-day International Membrane Technology Webinar via Zoom Platform.

The initial plan was a hands-on workshop as organized in 2019. However, owing to the critical situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the face-to-face hands-on workshop led by Materials Processing and Technology Laboratory (MPTL) had been converted into a full-day webinar.

This webinar presented Professor Dr. Arun Mohan Isloor, a renowned researcher in membrane technology from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India, and a successful industry player in water and wastewater treatment, Dr. Ir. Chew Chun Ming from Techkem Group. Both presenters did very great sharing.

Prof. Arun’s sharing covered fundamental aspects of membrane technology, including materials and additives of membranes, preparations, testing, performance, and applications. Meanwhile, Dr. Chew shared the membrane industry-related issues and tips to bridge the gap between universities and industries.

“Despite initial challenges, I am thankful that we were able to realize this program. We also provide video recordings of demonstrations that we perform in the lab to participants to help them visualize the membrane preparation process in real-time, making this program more engaging.” said Dr Siti Zulaika as program coordinator.

The webinar was expected to broaden researchers’ understanding and pique their interest in membrane technology.  Professor Ts. Dr Suraya Abdul Rashid, head of MPTL, expressed her appreciation to the honourable speakers for their valuable time and the participants for joining the webinar.

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