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Qarbotech, Top Five National Finalists in Accelerate2030 Program

SERDANG, July 2021 – Qarbotech, one of UPM-Innohub’s start-up company founded by Prof. Ts. Dr Suraya Abdul Rashid was nominated as top five finalists in the Accelerate2030 Program at the national level.

Accelerate2030 is the world’s largest program under the United Nations, supporting entrepreneurs from developing and emerging markets to scale their solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The focus areas in 2021 is to support solutions to any SDG, in the face of the COVID-19 crisis and its economic aftermath, particularly looking for solutions related to Circular Economy, access to Good Health and Wellbeing and Clean Water.


Qarbotech which was founded in 2018, is a start-up company with expertise in enhancing the photosynthesis rate of plants through their innovative technology based on carbon quantum dots. This innovation called Harvast is able to increase the photosynthesis rate between 20 and 80 percent depending on the types of plants. The increase in photosynthesis rate encourages plant growth, shortens harvest period and increases yields. They aspire to contribute to SDG by accelerating the national, regional and global circular economy initiatives.

"I was initially speechless at the announcement and now am thoroughly excited to be involved at such a prestigious program. This will be a huge learning curve for us as we prepare to scale our technology with the needs of the global society in mind. Our first exposure with other finalists hosted by UNDP via an online Zoom meeting provided insight into what other people in other countries are doing. It gave us the first taste of international networking and the support from all aspiring entrepreneurs was truly remarkable,” said Suraya who is also the Head of Materials Processing and Technology Laboratory (MPTL).

National finalists will have access to scaling readiness coaching, workshops and courses, events and networking opportunities, access to capital and much more. The next level will be the global finalist selection sometime in October 2021. Good luck team Qarbotech!


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