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Sakura Science Programme Kyushu Institute Of Technology Fukuoka, Japan

January 20th, 2018 - Sakura Science Program is a program granted by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) which mainly for enhancing exchanges between Asia and Japan of the youth in promoting the science and technology to the close collaboration of industry academia government. This program involved 12 Malaysian with 3 doctors, and 9 masters and PHD postgraduate student from 3 different Universities in Malaysia (UPM, USM and UNIMAP). This program was aims to attract our interest towards the leading Japanese science and technologies. In general, this program opens the opportunities for any science and technology activities or collaboration for us. They introduced as to Fukuoka city on its technologies, the development towards environmental care and the Kyushu Institute Research activities. We managed to visit the Research Laboratories in Wakamatsu and Tobata campus. Besides that, we also visited the Yasukawa Industry, Environment Museum near the Space World Station, Ecotown Centre and the last one is Biotope Centre.


Date Venue Activitiy
21 Jan 2018
  1. Fukuoka Airport
  2. Kurosaki Nishitetsu Hotel
  3. Kokura Town

On the first day, we arrived at Fukuoka Airport after long journey from Kuala Lumpur and transit at Changi Airport Singapore. We were welcome by the Yoshito Ando sensei and team at the airport and have our first meeting with the other participant from UNIMAP and USM. After that, from Kurosaki we went to Kurosaki Nishitetsu Hotel by Bus and directly start our program with the sightseeing at the Kokura Town by the local Train. They Teach us how to use the Train as our main transportation along the program take place.

22 Jan 2018 Wakamatsu Campus

For the second day, we were introduced with Kyushu Institute Technology by a presentation from Yoshito Ando sensei. He explained to us about the three campuses that KYUTECH have and the courses that they have. He also mentions about the Programs that Malaysia must send student to further study in KYUTECH such as Jasso Program. After that, we have a presentation on our research study. From that, we can have learned different types of research study and learned some method of research.

23 Jan 2018 Wakamatsu Campus Lab

We visited some of the Laboratory in Wakamatsu campus. During the visit we managed to see the Instrumentation used for the analysis and characterizations. The first lab that visited is Ikeno Sensei lab. This lab is doing on 3 main projects which are the detection of the bacteria spore, Peptide synthesis for Antigen detection and research on the expression of Bacillus thuringiensis. The second lab that visited is Tomohiro Kawahara sensei lab which is the biotechnology and robotic lab. The third la is Kazuto Takashima Lab. In this Lab, they are focusing on the invention of intelligent machine which study on the soft sensors and actuators to minimize invasive surgery. The last laboratory visited is Yoshito Ando sensei laboratory which focusing on the development of graphene and Porous PLLA Films.

24 Jan 2018 Tobata Campus tour

In Tobata Campus, we managed to visit the KYUTECH museum which shows how the it was evolved from Private university until it is become the National University since 1907. Besides that, we also saw many historical stuff of KYUTECH. After that, we visited some of the Lab in that Tobata campus such as Toshiki Miyazaki lab which developed the visible light responsive photocatalyst and develop the photoelectrochemical system for selective organic synthesis. After that, we visited Takenaka sensei laboratory. The lab is biological lab which is focusing on DNA analysis and synthesis. Besides that, we also listened the presentation from the USM and UNIMAP representative for collaboration purposes.

25 Jan 2018
  1. Yaskawa Industry
  2. Eco House
  3. Environmental Museum

Yaskawa Industry is a robot production industry which produced variety of functional robots. They show us many different types of robots such as picking card robots, passing ring robot, high speed sorting robot, minicar assembly robot, intelligence robot and dancing robots. They also entertained us with the Mechatronics- wall and the Robotic signage performance. In the evening, we went to the Eco house. The house is energized by hydrogen energy from the industry. Not only the house, the car also used hydrogen energy to move. In the Environmental Museum, they showed us how the transformation of polluted Fukuoka city caused by the industries to Clean and fresh Fukuoka city also caused by the industries. They showed as how two plastic bottles can turned into a shirt and how they reused the waste.

26 Jan 2018
  1. Environmental Museum
  2. Meet Dr. Koji Takakura

We visited the Higashida Blast Furnace N0.1 Historical Site plaza. Learned the map of Fukuoka. See how the Hydrogen Gas energy supplied, the system and the idea to make everything was in a good condition. Knowing how they put the rotten onion smell in Hydrogen gas. Have a tour on hydrogen piping system. After that, we attained a lecture with Koji Takakura Sansei on waste management in cooperation with citizens. He shows us the composting activity in Surabaya City, Indonesia. Learned on how the system in rural area, to reduce cost, to encourage citizen to take care of their environment.

27 Jan 2018
  1. Ecotown Centre
  2. Biotope Centre

Ecotown Centre is the place to see the environmental care activity. They show us the idea of solar system applications, the recycle activity and how they transfer a waste into a new product. Besides that, they also show us one application that they used to assist the daily energy used in their house. In Biotope centre, they show us the different species develop a new environment naturally. They show us how they can a fish breed in a new small pond in that area. They also show us the seven-wind turbine and their visions to have 40 wind turbines on the sea.

28 Jan 2018 Kokura City

On Sunday, we visited the Kokura castle to see the close up view of Japanese culture. We managed to take a lot of pictures there to keep the memories. After that, we spend our short time searching for the souvenir in that Kokura city to bring back to Malaysia. After went back to hotel, we must prepare the report in slide presentation about our journey along the trip in Fukuoka Japan.

29 Jan 2018 Wakamatsu Campus

In this final day, we went back to Wakamatsu for the report presentation which we show the Sakura Science representative about the benefits and knowledge gain from this visit.  After the presentation, the program was closed by a certificate of achievement ceremony. Before back to Malaysia the next day, they entertained us with as farewell party.

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