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Visit from Shinshu University Japan

December 7, 2017 - Advanced Technology Institute (ITMA) has received a delegation visit from Shinshu University, Japan. The purpose of the visit was in conjunction with a research collaboration that was long concluded between Universiti Putra Malaysia and Shinshu University as well as the "Seminar on Engineering and Agriculture" organized by the ITMA.


The visit was held on 7 December 2017 and was attended by 7 professors from Shinshu University and led by Prof. Dr. Kiyoshi Tanaka the Deputy President of Shinshu University (Internationalization). First day they were brought to the Faculty of Engineering UPM as well as the Faculty of Agriculture UPM to discuss future collaboration in Agriculture Engineering.

The following day on 8 December 2017 they were brought to the places of interest in UPM, among them were UPM Malay Heritage Museum, UPM-Kyutech Pilot Plant Biorefinery @ UPM and Deer Farm at UPM Agricultural Park. It is hoped that this visit will further to strengthen the relationship between UPM and overseas universities such as Shinshu University.


It is also hoped that with the Shinshu University Satellite Office officially stationed at ITMA on July 24, 2017, it will enhance the opportunities for staff and students from ITMA to look for other research opportunities at Shinshu University.

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