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Online System for Postgraduate Application for Admission

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Please be informed that School of Graduate Studies is now improving their efficiency of recruitment of postgraduate students. Accordingly, the application for admission for graduate studies will be conducted entirely online from 18 November 2013 (Monday) as agreed in the Sub-Committee Meetings for third enrollment on 12 November 2013 (Tuesday). Some of the things that will happen gradually are as follows:

(a)    No more hardcopy documents accepted in SGS.


- Students have to upload all the needed document in the systems or submit the documents in softcopy to SGS through e-mail :;

(b)   The submission application documents in softcopy will be made through GROUP BOX;

 - The distribution at Faculty/ Institute level to department is subject to a practical way depends on Faculty / Institute respectively.


(c)    Screening result will be informed faster than existing methods.


- Application for admission: Master without Thesis in 3 days;


- Application for admission: Master with Thesis and PhD in 2 weeks ; and


- Requests made to the other Faculty or Institute for reconsideration given within 4 weeks.


In this transition period, the SGS will send the copies of document received before 18 November 2013 (Monday) and from time to time Student Enrollment Unit will liaise with the Admission Unit at the Faculty / Institute if there are any documents sent through GROUP BOX. Therefore, we seek for the cooperation of the Faculty / Institute to be ready with the change of the enrollment process. Here with we enclosed the details of online postgraduate application for admission program for your reference.



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