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Materials Processing and Technology Laboratory (MPTL)


Laboratory of Materials Processing and Technology (MPTL) was established to meet research requirements in the field of Advanced Processing Materials and Nano Materials. MPTL was developed to complement the ITMA ecosystem that aims to become a leader in the areas of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials. MPTL will focus on developing and promoting research in Materials Technology and Processing of Advanced and Nano Materials in Malaysia. The main activities of the laboratory are conducting research in relevant fields, postgraduate programs, providing training and consultancy services.



  • To be the leader in the Processing and Technology research center for Advanced Materials and Nano Materials.
  • To produce specialists in the field of Processing and Technology for Advanced Materials and Nano Materials.
  • To be the center for the dissemination of Processing and Technology science for Advanced Materials and Nano Materials.
  • To build strategic collaboration networks between local and international researchers from public institutions



Materials Processing
This program focuses on developing research related to scalable processing of advanced materials and nanomaterials. We have expertise in synthesis of carbon nanostructures such carbon nanotubes (CNT) and CNT cotton by both batch and continuous chemical vapour deposition (CVD) processes. The existing know how and facilities in CVD processing open other venues for research such as superconductor thin film and bottom-up synthesis of graphene and homologous graphene. Scalable top-down processes for preparation of graphene oxide and graphene quantum dots are also being actively pursued. Other scalable processes for synthesis of advanced materials and nanomaterials include hydrothermal and solvo thermal approaches.

Nanomaterials Technology
This program focuses on the development of innovative products using advanced materials and nanomaterials for various applications. The different types of nanomaterials used include carbon based nanostructures such as carbon nanotubes (CNT), graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide, graphene quantum dots as well as other various types of metal oxide nanoparticles. The products being developed are diverse and include nanofluids such as nanomaterial enhanced drilling fluids and heat transfer fluids for microfluidics, nanoemulsion systems such as nanoemulsion fuels and pesticides, a wide range of nanocomposites, nanocatalysts, nanocoatings and smart materials. The nature of research under this program ranges from fundamental studies to applied research to proof of concept and performance testing.

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