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Abdollahi, Y., Abdullah, A.H., Gaya, U.I., Ahmadzadeh, S., Zakaria, A., Shameli, K., Zainal, Z., (...), Yusof, N.A.

Photocatalytic degradation of 1,4-Benzoquinone in aqueous ZnO dispersions

Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society


U.Rashid, M. Ibrahim, S.Ali, M.Ahmad, S.Hina, I.H. Bukhari and R. Yunus

Comparative study of the methanolysis and ethanolysis of maize oils using alkaline catalysts

Grasas Y Aceites


Almaz Butaez

On multiple fourier integrals of piecewise smooth functions with discontinuities of the second kind

Applied Mathematics Letters


Ali Karami, Annie Christianus, Behzad Bahraminejad, Francois Gagne, Simon C.Courtenay

Artificial neural network modeling of biomarkers to infer characteristics of contaminant exposure in Clarias gariepinus

Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety


Gholizadeh, A.a ,Amin Mohd Soom,,Anuar, A.R.b,Aimrun, W.c

Relationship between apparent electrical conductivity and soil physical properties in a Malaysian paddy field

Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science


M.H. Wahid, Z. Zainal, I. Hamadneh, K.B. Tan, S.A. Halim, A.M. Rosli, E.S. Alaghbari, M.F. Nazaruddin, E.F. Kadri

Phase formation of REBa2Cu3O7-δ (RE: Y0.5Gd0.5, Y0.5Nd0.5, Nd0.5Gd0.5) superconductors from nanopowders synthesised via co-precipitation

Ceramics International


Wong, Y.J., Jumiah, H., Hashim, M., Yin, W.S., Yan, L.C.

Effect of milling time on microstructure, crystallite size and dielectric properties of Srtio3 ceramic synthesized via mechanical alloying method

Advanced Materials Research


Ali Ahmed, A.A., Abidin Talib, Z., Hussein, M.Z.B.

ESR spectra and thermal diffusivity of ZnAl layered double hydroxide

Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids


Lim, Y.-C., Zainal, Z., Hussein, Mohd.Z., Tan, W.-T.

Effect of electrolyte composition in electrochemical synthesis of self-organized Tio2 nanotubes

Advanced Materials Research


Mahta Sadegh Vishkaei, Robiah Yunus, Mohammad Amran Mohd Salleh, Afshin Ahmady, Dayang Rabiah Awang Biak

Innovative method to produce high-purity graphitic carbon nanospheres

Fullerenes Nanotubes Aand Carbon Nanostructures


Ferra Naidir, Robiah Yunus, Irmawati Ramli, Tinia I Mohd Ghazi

synthesis of jatropha curcas based methyl ester and ethyl ester as biodiesel feedstocks

Pertanika J. Sci & Tech


reza amiri, azmi zakaria, hossein abbastabar ahangar, majid darroudi, ali khorsand zak, gregor P.C. Drummen

Aqueous starch as a stabilizer in zinc oxide nanoparticle synthesis via laser ablation

journal of alloys and compounds


Azhari M. Syam, Robiah Yunus, Tinia I.M.Ghazi, Thomas S.Y.Choong

Synthesis of jatropha curcas oil-based biodiesel in a pulsed loop reactor

industrial crops and products


Mohd Hafiz Mohd Hazir, Abdul Rashid Mohamed Shariff, Mohd Din Amiruddin

Determination of Oil Palm Fresh Fruit Bunch Ripeness-Based on Flavonoids and Anthocyanin Content

Industrial Crops and products


Mahmoud DK, Salleh, M.M.M, Karim W.A.W.A, Idris.A, Abidin Z.Z

Batch adsorption of basic dye using acid treated kenaf fibre char: Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies

Chemical engineering journal


Ismail, I., Hashim, M., Amin Matori, K., Alias, R., Hassan, J.

The Transition from paramagnetic to ferramagnetic states as influenced by evolving microstructure of Ni 0.5 Zn 0.5 Fe 2O 4

Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism


Abdollahi, Y., Abdullah, A.H., Zakaria, A., Zainal, Z., Masoumi, H.R.F., Yusof, N.A.

Photodegradation of p-cresol in aqueous Mn(1%)-doped ZnO suspensions

Journal of Advanced Oxidation Technologies


Fazel Amiri and Abdul Rashid Mohamed Sharif

Application of geographic information systems in land-use suitability evaluation for beekeeping: A Case Study of Vahregan Watershed (Iran)

African Journal of Agricultural Research


Varahram, P., Ali, B.M.

Low Complexity Partial Transmit Sequence with Complex Gain Memory Predistortion in OFDM Systems

Wireless Personal Communications


Varahram, P., Ali, B.M

Peak-to-average power ratio reduction and digital predistortion effects in power amplifiers in OFDM system

International Journal of Communication Systems


Butaev, A

On multiple Fourier integrals of piecewise smooth functions with discontinuities of the second kind

Applied Mathematics Letters


Billa, L., Mansor, S., Mahmud, A.R.

Mesoscale grid rainfall estimation from AVHRR and GMS data

International Journal of Remote Sensing


Saeed, O.M.B., Sankaran, S., Shariff, A.R.M., Shafri, H.Z.M., Ehsani, R., Alfatni, M.S., Hazir, M.H.M


Classification of oil palm fresh fruit bunches based on their maturity using portable four-band sensor system

Computers and Electronics in Agriculture


Alhozaimy, A., Jaafar, M.S., Al-Negheimish, A., Abdullah, A., Taufiq-Yap, Y.H., Noorzaei, J., Alawad, O.A

Properties of high strength concrete using white and dune sands under normal and autoclaved curing

Construction and Building Materials


Mohamed, A.S., Sapuan, S.M., Megat Ahmad, M.M.H., Hamouda, A.M.S., Hang Tuah Bin Baharudin, B.T.

Modeling the technology transfer process in the petroleum industry: Evidence from Libya

Mathematical and Computer Modelling


Sahari, J., Sapuan, S.M., Ismarrubie, Z.N., Rahman, M.Z.A.

Physical and chemical properties of different morphological parts of sugar palm fibres

Fibres and Textiles in Eastern Europe


Chang, S.-K., Lee, K.-T., Zainal, Z., Tan, K.-B., Yusof, N.A., Yusoff, W.M.D.W., Lee, J.-F., Wu, N.-L

Structural and electrochemical properties of manganese substituted nickel cobaltite for supercapacitor application

Electrochimica Acta


Ali Ahmed, A.A., Abidin Talib, Z., Hussein, M.Z.B

ESR spectra and thermal diffusivity of ZnAl layered double hydroxide

Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids


Hussein, M.Z., Nazarudin, N.F.B., Sarijo, S.H., Yarmo, M.A.

Synthesis of a layered organic-inorganic nanohybrid of 4- chlorophenoxyacetate-zinc-layered hydroxide with sustained release properties

Journal of Nanomaterials


Ahmed, A.A.A., Talib, Z.A., Hussein, M.Z.B.

Thermal, optical and dielectric properties of Zn-Al layered double hydroxide

Applied Clay Science


Lim, Y.-C., Zainal, Z., Tan, W.-T., Hussein, M.Z.

Anodization parameters influencing the growth of titania nanotubes and their photoelectrochemical response

International Journal of Photoenergy


Hussein, M.Z., Rahman, N.S.S.A., Sarijo, S.H., Zainal, Z.

Synthesis of a monophasic nanohybrid for a controlled release formulation of two active agents simultaneously

Applied Clay Science


Jalauddin, M.N., Ali, A., Sahari, B., Aziz, N.A.

Performance of automotive composite bumper beams and hood subjected to frontal impacts

Materialpruefung/Materials Testing


Rahman, N.A., Yusof, N.A., Maamor, N.A.M., Noor, S.M.M.

Development of electrochemical sensor for simultaneous determination of Cd(II) and Hg(II) ion by exploiting newly synthesized cyclic dipeptide

International Journal of Electrochemical Science


Abdollahi, Y., Abdullah, A.H., Zainal, Z., Yusof, N.A

Photocatalytic degradation of p-cresol by zinc oxide under UV irradiation

International Journal of Molecular Sciences


Haron, M.J., Jahangirian, H., Silong, S., Yusof, N.A., Kassim, A., Rafiee-Moghaddam, R., Mahdavi, B., (...), Amin, J.

Benzyl and methyl fatty hydroxamic acids based on palm kernel oil as chelating agent for liquid-liquid iron(III) extraction

International Journal of Molecular Sciences


Asman, S., Yusof, N.A., Abdullah, A.H., Haron, M.J.

Synthesis and characterization of hybrid molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) membranes for removal of methylene blue (MB)



Akgun, A., Sezer, E.A., Nefeslioglu, H.A., Gokceoglu, C., Pradhan, B.

An easy-to-use MATLAB program (MamLand) for the assessment of landslide susceptibility using a Mamdani fuzzy algorithm

Computers and Geosciences


Youssef, A.M., Pradhan, B., Sabtan, A.A., El-Harbi, H.M.

Coupling of remote sensing data aided with field investigations for geological hazards assessment in Jazan area, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Environmental Earth Sciences


Rahman, M.M., Öztop, H.F., Rahim, N.A., Saidur, R., Al-Salem, K., Amin, N., Mamun, M.A.H., Ahsan, A.

Computational analysis of mixed convection in a channel with a cavity heated from different sides

International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer


Mohammad, N., Alam, Md.Z., Kabbashi, N.A., Ahsan, A

Effective composting of oil palm industrial waste by filamentous fungi: A review

Resources, Conservation and Recycling


Arunkumar, T., Jayaprakash, R., Denkenberger, D., Ahsan, A., Okundamiya, M.S., kumar, S., Tanaka, H., Aybar, H.Ş

An experimental study on a hemispherical solar still



Rahman, M.M., Öztop, H.F., Ahsan, A., Kalam, M.A., Varol, Y

Double-diffusive natural convection in a triangular solar collector

International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer


Esfahani, R.M., Wan Ab Karim Ghani, W.A. , Mohd Salleh, M.A, Ali, S.

Hydrogen-rich gas production from palm kernel shell by applying air gasification in fluidized bed reactor

Energy and Fuels


Masood, H., Yunus, R., Choong, T.S.Y., Rashid, U., Taufiq Yap, Y.H.

Synthesis and characterization of calcium methoxide as heterogeneous catalyst for trimethylolpropane esters conversion reaction

Applied Catalysis A: General


Chang, T.-S., Masood, H., Yunus, R., Rashid, U., Choong, T.S.Y., Biak, D.R.A.

Activity of calcium methoxide catalyst for synthesis of high oleic palm oil based trimethylolpropane triesters as lubricant base stock

Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research


Ismail, I., Hashim, M., Amin Matori, K., Alias, R., Hassan, J.

Dependence of magnetic properties and microstructure of mechanically alloyed Ni 0.5Zn 0.5Fe 2O 4 on soaking time

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials


Ghotbi, M.Y., Bin Hussein, M.Z

Controlled release study of an anti-carcinogenic agent, gallate from the surface of magnetite nanoparticles

Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids


Ahmad, M.B., Gharayebi, Y., Salit, M.S., Hussein, M.Z., Ebrahimiasl, S., Dehzangi, A.

Preparation, characterization and thermal degradation of polyimide (4-APS/BTDA)/SiO 2 composite films

International Journal of Molecular Sciences


Ng, W.L., Ng, C.K., Noordin, N.K., Mohd. Ali, B.

Performance analysis of Wireless Control Area Network (WCAN) using token frame scheme

Proceedings - 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Systems Modelling and Simulation, ISMS 2012


Rodziah, N., Hashim, M., Idza, I.R., Ismayadi, I., Hapishah, A.N., Khamirul, M.A.

Dependence of developing magnetic hysteresis characteristics on stages of evolving microstructure in polycrystalline yttrium iron garne

Applied Surface Science


I.R. Idza a,*, M. Hashim a,b, N. Rodziah a, I. Ismayadi b, A.R. Norailiana

Influence of evolving microstructure on magnetic-hysteresis characteristics in polycrystalline nickel–zinc ferrite, Ni0.3Zn0.7Fe2O4

Materials Research Bulletin


Rodziah Nazlan1,a, Mansor Hashim1,2, Nor Hapishah Abdullah1,Idza Riati Ibrahim1, Ismayadi Ismail2

Influence of Milling Time on the Crystallization, Morphology and Magnetic Properties of Polycrystalline Yttrium Iron Garnet

Advanced Materials Research


Abdullah, W.R.W., Zakaria, A., Ghazali, M.S.M.

Synthesis mechanism of low-voltage praseodymium oxide doped zinc oxide varistor ceramics prepared through modified citrate gel coating

International Journal of Molecular Sciences


F.Amiri and Abdul Rashid Mohamed Shariff

An Approach for Analysis of Integrated Components on Available Forage in Semi-Arid Rangelands of Iran

World Applied Sciences Journal


Pradhan, B., Chaudhari, A., Adinarayana, J., Buchroithner, M.F.

Soil erosion assessment and its correlation with landslide events using remote sensing data and GIS: A case study at Penang Island, Malaysia

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment


Latif, Z.A., Aman, S.N.A., Pradhan, B

Landslide susceptibility mapping using LiDAR derived factors and frequency ratio model: Ulu Klang area, Malaysia

Proceedings - 2012 IEEE 8th International Colloquium on Signal Processing and Its Applications, CSPA 2012


Mahshid Kalani, Robiah Yunus

Effect of supercritical fluid density on nanoencapsulated drug particle size using the supercritical antisolvent method

International journal of nanomedicine


Nayereh Soltani, Elias Saion, Mohd Zobir Hussein, Afarin Bahrami, Kazem Naghavi, Robiah Yunus

Microwave Irradiation Effects on Hydrothermal and Polyol synthesis of ZnS Nanoparticles

Chalcogenide Letter


Muhammad, Khan MA, Choong TSY, Chuah LTG, Yunus R, Yap TYH

Kinetics studies for the adsorption of b-carotene on mesoporous carbon coated monolith:Effect of concentration and temperature

Asian Journal of chemistry


Hamidah Abd Hamid, Robiah Yunus, Umer Rashid, Thomas S.Y. Choong, Ala H. Al-Muhtaseb

Synthesis of Palm Oil-Based Trimethylolpropane ester as potential biolubricant: Chemical Kinetics Modeling

Chemical engineering journal


Rahman, Md. Mamudur; Muhida, Rifki; Chowdhury, Md. Sazzad Hossein; Setiyanto, Henry; Zainuddin, Hishamuddin; Zakaria, Azmi Bin; Kasai, Hideaki

Theoretical Investigation of a Benzene-Vanadium Multiple-Decked Sandwich Chain on a Gold Surface

Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience


Muhida, R.a, Rahman, M.M.b, Chowdhury, M.S.H.c, Setiyanto, H.d, Zainuddin,, Zakaria,, Kasai, H.g  

Theoretical study of atomic level understanding of the reactive ion etching (RIE)

Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience


Rafeeu, Y.a, Ab Kadir, M.Z.A

Thermal performance of parabolic concentrators under Malaysian environment: A case study 



Lim Y C, Zainal Z, Hussein MZ, Tan WT

Effect of Water Content on Structural and Photoelectrochemical Properties of Titania Nanotube Synthesized in Fluoride Ethylene Glycol Electrolyte

Advanced Materials Research


Abdullah AH, Abdullah EA, Zainal Z, Hussein MZ, Ban TK

Adsorptive performance of penta-bismuth hepta-oxide nitrate, Bi 5O 7NO 3, for removal of methyl orange dye

Water science and Technology


Mehran Masudi, Mansor Hashim, Halimah Mohamed Kamari, Mohd Sapuan Salit

A General Method for Quantifying the Amorphous Phase in Nano Polycrystalline Materials

Modern Applied Science


Abdullah Ahmed Ali Ahmeda,
Zainal Abidin Taliba, Corresponding author contact information, E-mail the corresponding author,
Mohd Zobir bin Husseinb, c,
Azmi Zakariaa

Improvement of the crystallinity and photocatalytic property of zinc oxide as calcination product of Zn–Al layered double hydroxide

Journal of Alloys and Compounds


Haron, M.J.a , Jahangirian, H.a , Silong, S.a, Yusof, N.A.a, Kassim, A.a, Moghaddam, R.R.b, Peyda, M.c, Abdollahi, Y.d, Amin, J.a, Gharayebi, Y.

Copper extraction by fatty hydroxamic acids derivatives synthesized based on palm kernel oil

Journal of Oleo Science


Ng, S.-M.a , Zainal, Z.ab , Yunus, W.M.M.

Effect of ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid in electrochemical deposition of zinc selenide 

Advanced Materials Research


Naidir, Yunus R, Rashid U, Masood H, Ghazi, TIM Ramli I

The Kinetics of epoxidation of trimethylolpropane ester

European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology


Ismail, I. , Hashim, M.

Sintering temperature dependence of evolving morphologies and magnetic properties of Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 synthesized via mechanical alloying

Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism


Othman, S.H , Abdul Rashid, S., Mohd Ghazi, T.I. , Abdullah, N.

Dispersion and stabilization of photocatalytic TiO 2 nanoparticles in aqueous suspension for coatings applications

Journal of Nanomaterials


Najigivi, A.a , Rashid, S.A.b, Aziz, F.N.A.c, Salleh, M.A.M

Water absorption control of ternary blended concrete with nano-SiO 2 in presence of rice husk ash

Materials and Structures/Materiaux et Constructions


Hussein Al Ali SH, Al-Qubaisi M, Hussein MZ, Ismail M, Zainal Z, Hakim MN

In Vitro inhibition of histamine release behaiour of cetirizine intercalated into Zn/Al- and Mg/Al-layered double hydroxides

International journal of molecular science


Md Daud MN, Zakaria A, Jafari A, Ghazali MSM, Wan Abdullah WR, Zainal Z

Characterization of CdTe films deposited at arious bath temperatures and concentrations usingelectrophoretic deposition

international journal of molecular sciences


Abdollahi Y, Abdullah AH, Gaya UI, Zainal Z, Yusof NA

Enhanced photodegradation of o-cresol in aqueous Mn (1%)-doped ZnO suspensions

environmental technology


Chang SK, Zainal Z, TanKB, Yusof NA, WMDW, Prabaharan SRS

Nickel-cobalt oxide/actiated carbon composite electroes for electrochemcal capasitors

current applied physics


Dehzangi A, Abdullah AM, Larki F, Hutagalung SD, Saion EB, Hamidon Nizar, Hassan J, Gharayebi Y

Electrical property comparison and charge transmission in p-type double gate and single gate juntionless accumulation transistor fabricated by AFM nanolithoraphy

nanoscale research letters


Hazir, M.H.M., Shariff, A.R.M, Amiruddin, M.D.c, Ramli, A.R.d, Iqbal Saripan

Oil palm bunch ripeness classification using fluorescence technique

Journal of Food Engineering


Moradi, M.a , Kabiri, K.

Red tide detection in the Strait of Hormuz (east of the Persian Gulf) using MODIS fluorescence data

International Journal of Remote Sensing


Mohamed, M.a, Rashidi, N.A.a, Yusup, S.a , Teong, L.K.b, Rashid, U.c, Ali, R.M.d

Effects of experimental variables on conversion of cockle shell to calcium oxide using thermal gravimetric analysis

Journal of Cleaner Production


Bahraminasab, M.ab , Sahari,, Edwards, K.L.d, Farahmand, F.ef, Arumugam, M.g, Hong

Aseptic loosening of femoral components - A review of current and future trends in materials used

Materials and Design


Arvin, F.a , Doraisamy, S.C.b , Samsudin, K.a , Ahmad, F.A.a , Ramli, A.R.

Implementation of a cue-based aggregation with a swarm robotic system  

Communications in Computer and Information Science


Shavandi, M.A.a , Haddadian, Z.a , Ismail, M.H.S.a b , Abdullah, N.a , Abidin, Z.Z.a b 

Removal of Fe(III), Mn(II) and Zn(II) from palm oil mill effluent (POME) by natural zeolite

Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers


Abdullah, A.H.ab , Moey, H.J.M.b, Yusof

Response surface methodology analysis of the photocatalytic removal of Methylene Blue using bismuth vanadate prepared via polyol route

Journal of Environmental Sciences (China)


Imteaz, M.A.a , Rahman, A.b , Ahsan, A.c

Reliability analysis of rainwater tanks: A comparison between South-East and Central Melbourne

Resources, Conservation and Recycling


Kia, M.B.a , Pirasteh, S.b , Pradhan, B.a , Mahmud, A.R.a , Sulaiman, W.N.A.c , Moradi, A.

An artificial neural network model for flood simulation using GIS: Johor River Basin, Malaysia

Environmental Earth Sciences


Shavandi, M.A.a , Haddadian, Z.a , Ismail, M.H.S.a b , Abdullah, N.a , Abidin, Z.Z.a b 

Removal of residual oils from palm oil mill effluent by adsorption on natural zeolite

Water, Air, and Soil Pollution


Pourahasemi HR, Pradhan B, Gokceoalu C

Application of fuzzy logic and analytical hierarchy process (AHP) to landslide susceptibility mapping at Haraz watershed, Iran

Natural Hazards


Akgun, A.a , Kincal, C.b , Pradhan, B.c 

Application of remote sensing data and GIS for landslide risk assessment as an environmental threat to Izmir city (west Turkey)

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment


Elmahdy, S.I.a , Mansor, S.a , Huat, B.B.K.b , Mahmod, A.R.a 

Structural geologic control with the limestone bedrock associated with piling problems using remote sensing and GIS: A modified geomorphological method

Environmental Earth Sciences


Amin, M.a , Anwar, F.a , Janjua, M.R.S.A.a , Iqbal, M.A.a , Rashid, U.b 

Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles through reduction with Solanum xanthocarpum L. berry extract: Characterization, antimicrobial and urease inhibitory activities against Helicobacter pylori

International Journal of Molecular Sciences


Shoaei, M.D.a b , Alkarni, A.c , Noorzaei, J.a b , Jaafar, M.S.a , Huat, B.B.K.a 

Review of available approaches for ultimate bearing capacity of two-layered soils

Journal of Civil Engineering and Management


Ishak, M.R.a , Sapuan, S.M.a b c , Leman, Z.a , Rahman, M.Z.A.d , Anwar, U.M.K.e 

Characterization of sugar palm (Arenga pinnata) fibres Tensile and thermal properties

Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry


Ahmed, A.A.A.a , Talib, Z.A.a , Hussein, M.Z.B.b c , Zakaria, A.a c 

In situ dielectric measurements of Zn-Al layered double hydroxide with anionic nitrate ions

Solid State Sciences


Shahid, S.A.a b , Qidwai, A.A.b , Anwar, F.c , Ullah, I.d , Rashid, U.e

Improvement in the water retention characteristics of sandy loam soil using a newly synthesized poly(acrylamide-co-acrylic acid)/AlZnFe  2O  4 superabsorbent hydrogel nanocomposite material



Ahmed, A.A.A.a , Talib, Z.A.a , Bin Hussein, M.Z.b c , Zakaria, A.a c

Zn-Al layered double hydroxide prepared at different molar ratios: Preparation, characterization, optical and dielectric properties

Journal of Solid State Chemistry


Motlagh, O., Tang, S.H., Ramli, A.R., Nakhaeinia, D.

An FCM modeling for using a priori knowledge: Application study in modeling quadruped walking

Neural Computing and Applications


Naidir, F.a , Yunus, R.a c , Mohd Ghazi, T.I.a , Ramli, I.b 

Synthesis of epoxidized palm oil-based Trimethylolpropane ester by in situ epoxidation method

Pertanika Journal of Science and Technology


Rezayi, M.a b , Heng, L.Y.a , Kassim, A.c , Ahmadzadeh, S.c , Abdollahi, Y.d , Jahangirian, H.c 

Immobilization of ionophore and surface characterization studies of the titanium(III) Ion in a PVC-membrane sensor

Sensors (Switzerland), 


Ng, K.M.a c , Adam, N.M.b , Azmi, B.Z.a 

Numerical simulation on the reflection characterisation and performance of a solar collector - A case study of UPM Solar Bowl

Pertanika Journal of Science and Technology


Ahsan, A.a b , Alamgir, M.c , Imteaz, M.d , Nik Daud, N.N.a , Islam, R.c 

Role of NGOs and CBOs in waste management

Iranian Journal of Public Health


Kassim, M.S.M.a , Ismail, W.I.W.b , Ramli, A.R.c , Bejo, S.K.b 

Oil palm fresh fruit bunches (FFB) growth determination system to support harvesting operation

Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment


Hanaei, H.a , Fakhru'L-Razi, A.a b , Biak, D.R.A.b , Ahamad, I.S.b , Danafar, F.b

Effects of synthesis reaction temperature, deposition time and catalyst on yield of carbon nanotubes

Asian Journal of Chemistry


Abdullah, A.H.a , Jong, C.Y.b , Irmawati, R.b 

Effect of bismuth precursor and temperature on properties of bismuth vanadate photocatalyst

Asian Journal of Chemistry


Yusof NA

Electrochemical DNA biosensor based on poly(allylamine hydrochloride) modified screen printed electrode

Asian Journal of Chemistry


Manzoor, M.a , Anwar, F.a b , Mahmood, Z.a , Rashid, U.c , Ashraf, M.d

Variation in minerals, phenolics and antioxidant activity of peel and pulp of different varieties of Peach (Prunus persica L.) fruit from Pakistan



Bayat, M.a b d , Sahari, B.B.b , Saleem, M.c

The effect of ceramic in combination of two sigmoid functionally graded rotating disks with variable thickness

International Journal of Computational Methods


Hussein, M.Z.a , Rahman, N.S.S.A.a , Sarijo, S.H.b , Zainal, Z.a c 

Herbicide-intercalated zinc layered hydroxide nanohybrid for a dual-guest controlled release formulation

International Journal of Molecular Sciences


Shafri HZM, Taherzadeh E, Mansor S, Ashuro R

Hyperspectral remote sensing of urban areas: An overview of techniques and applications

Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology


Aini, S.S.a , Sahari, B.B.a b , Ali, A.b , Nuraini, A.A.a b , Faieza, A.A.b , Ismail, T.H.T.c , Shahril, M.a , Nabilah, M.S.a , Salwani, M.S.a , Nursherida, J.M.a , Azim, A.b , Norhidayah, M.H.a 

Introducing fatigue contour plot in ls-pre post LSDYNA finite element crash simulation software

Applied Mechanics and Materials


Salwani, M.S.a , Ali, A.a , Sahari, B.B.a , Nuraini, A.A.a , Faieza, A.A.a , Ismail, T.H.T.c , Nursherida, J.M.a , Azizi, A.a , Safar, N.M.a b , Satuan, S.A.a , Mohamad, S.a , Muhamed, N.a

Analysis on impact performance of aluminum automotive side member

Applied Mechanics and Materials


Nursherida, J.M.a b , Sahari, B.B.a b , Nuraini, A.A.a b , Ali, A.b , Faieza, A.A.b , Ismail, T.H.T.c , Azizi, A.a b , Salwani, M.S.a b , Nabilah, M.S.a , Aini, S.S.a , Shahril, M.a , Norhidayah, M.H.

Performance of hood system and head injury criteria subjected to frontal impacts

Applied Mechanics and Materials


Azim, A.b , Ali, A.b , Sahari, B.B.a b , Nuraini, A.A.a b , Faieza, A.A.b , Ismail, T.H.T.c , Salwani, M.S.a , Nursherida, J.M.a , Nabilah, M.S.a , Aini, S.S.a , Shahril, M.a , Norhidayah, M.H.a 

Performance of Aluminium Alloy side door subjected to pole impact test

Applied Mechanics and Materials


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