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Publications 2015

    1. Marjan Bahraminasab, B.B. Sahari, KL Edwards, Farzam Farahmand, Tang Sai Hong, Manohar Arumugam, Ali Jahan, Multi-objective design optimization of functionally graded material for the femoral component of a total knee replacement, 53,pp 159-173, I.F. 2.913.
    2. Samsulida Abd Rahman, Nurhayati Ariffin, Yusof, N.A, Jaafar Abdullah, Zuhana Ahmad Zubir, Nik Mohd Azmi Nik Abd Aziz, Nur Ellina Aazmi, Hamidah Sidek and Noor Izaanin Ramli, Synthesis and surface modification of biocompatible water soluble core-shell quantum Dots, 879, pp 184-190, I.F.
    3. Md Azis S, Rashaid SA, Rahmaian S, Mohd Salleh, M.A, Application of CNT enhanced carbon fibers in hybrid composites with improved interfacial properties, 832, pp 237-242.
    4. Bidita BS, Rashid SA, idris AB, Mohd Salleh, M.A, Emission characteristics of water in diesel nanoemulsions in diesel engine, 832, pp 248-253.
    5. Lim YC, Zainal Z, Hussein MZ, Tan WT, Effect of electrolyte concentration on the morphology and photoelectrochemical response of titania nanotubes prepared by electrochemical anodisation, 832, pp 744-748.
    6. Mohsin SMN, Hussein MZ, Sarijo SH, Fakaruzi S, Arulselvan P, Taufiq YH, Characterisation and cytotoxicity assessment of UV absorbers-intercalated zinc/aluminium-layered double hydroxides on dermal fibroblast cells, 6(4), pp 648-658. I.F. 2.509.
    7. Hussein Al Ali, El Zolawaty ME, Hussein MZ, Ismail M, Dorniani D, Webster TJ, Novel kojic acid-polymer-based magnetic nanocomposites for medical applicationos, 9(1), pp 351-362, I.F. 3.463.
    8. Rashid u, Ahmad J, Yunus R, Ibrahim M, Masood H, Syan AM, Momordica charantia seed oil methyl esters: A kinetic study and fuel properties, 11(7), pp 727-740, I.F. 2.069.
    9. Bateni NH, Hamidon MN, Matori KA, Effect od soda-lime-silica glass addition on the physical properties of ceramic obtained from white rice husk ash, 122(1422), pp 161-165, I.F. 0.94.
    10. Rahman MM, Salleh MAM, Rashid U, Ahsan A, Hossain MM RCS, Production of slow release crystal fertilizer from wastewaters through structive crystallization-A Review, 7(1), pp 139-155, I.F. 2.266.
    11. Ahsan A, Imteaz M, Thomas UA, Azmi M,Rahman A, Nik Daud NN, Parameters affecting the performance of a low cost solar still, 114, pp 924-930, I.F. 4.781.
    12. Farhad Larki, Arash Dehzangi, Sawal Hamid Md. Ali, Azman Jalar, Md. Shabiul Islam, Mohd. Nizar Hamidon, Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis, Effect of Geometric Parameters on the Performance of P-Type Junctionless Lateral Gate Transistors, 9(4), pp 95182, I.F. 3.730.
    13. Hamid Farahani, Rahman Wagiran, Mohd. Nizar Hamidon, Humidity Sensors Principle, Mechanism, and Fabrication Technology: A comprehensive Review, 14(5), pp 7881-7939, I.F. 1.953.
    14. Lokman, I.M., Rashid, U., Yunus, R., Taufiq-Yap, Y.H., Carbohydrate-derived solid acid catalysts for biodiesel production from low-cost feedstocks: A review (Review), 56(2), pp 187-219, I.F. 6.375.
    15. Kheradmand, B , Muniandy, R, Hua, L.T , Yunus, R.B. , Solouki, A., An overview of the emerging warm mix asphalt technology, 15(1), pp 79-94, I.F. 0.745.
    16. Zulkifli, N.W.M., Kalam, M.A., Masjuki, H.H., Al Mahmud, K.A.H. , Yunus, R., The Effect of Temperature on Tribological Properties of Chemically Modified Bio-Based Lubricant, 57(3), pp 408-415, I.F. 0.914.
    17. Zulkifli, N.W.M. , Kalam, M.A, Masjuk H.H, Al Maud, K.A.H, Yunus, R., The effect of palm oil trimethylolpropane ester on extreme pressure lubrication, 228(2), pp 160-169.
    18. Abdul Habib, N.S.H, Yunus, R , Rashid, U, Taufq-Yap, Y.H, Abidin, Z.Z, Syam, A.M, Irawan, S., Transesterifcation reaction for synthesis of palm-based ethylhexyl ester and formulation as base oil for synthetic Drilling Fluid, 63(5), pp 497-506.
    19. Dutse, S.W., Yusof, N.A., Ahmad, H. Hussein, M.Z., Zainal, Z., Hushiarian, R.ajian, R., An Electrochemical Biosensor for the Determination of Ganoderma boninense Pathogen Based on a Novel Modified Gold Nanocomposite Film Electrode,5, I.F. 0.965.
    20. Hajian, R., Yusof, N.A., Faragi, T. Shams, N, Fabrication of an electrochemical sensor based on gold nanoparticles/carbon nanotubes as nanocomposite materials: Determination of myricetin in some drinks , 19(4), I.F. 3.730.
    21. Hushiarian, R., Yusof, N.A. , Abdullah, A.H.b , Ahmad, S.A.A , Dutse, S.W., A novel DNA nanosensor based on cdse/zns quantum dots and synthesized fe3o4 magnetic nanoparticles (Article), 19(4), 4355-4368, I.F. 2.428.
    22. Yusof, N.A.,Wei, W.L., Maamor, N.A, Azeman, N., Preparation and characterization of molecular imprinted polymer for melamine based on methacrylamide and 9-vinylcarbazole as complexing monomer (Article),8, pp 2285-2288, I.F. 0.253.
    23. Fadaeifard, F, Matori, K.A. , Toozandehjani, M., Daud, A.R., Ariffin, M.K.A.M., Othman, N.K., Gharavi, F, Ramzani, A.H, Ostovan, Influence of rotational speed on mechanical properties of friction stir lap welded 6061-T6 Al alloy, 24(4), pp 1004-1011, IF.F. 0.917.
    24. Bidita, B.S.a, Aien, N.a, Suraya, A.R.ab , Mohd Salleh, M.A.a, Idris, A.a, Effect of Experimental Variables on the Combustion Characteristics of Water-in-Diesel Emulsion Fuels, 35(2), pp 85-192 , I.F. 0.600.
    25. Abidin, Z.Z , Mohd Salleh, M.A., Harun, M.Y, Abu Bakar, N., Biosorption of Zn (II) from aqueous solution by jatropha curcas press cake (Article), 73(3), pp 191-194, I.F. 0.505.
    26. Ahsan, A. , Syuhada, N, Jolhi, E, Darain, Kh.M, Rowshon, Md.K. Jakariya, Md., Shafie, S, Ghazali, A.H, Assessment of distillate water quality parameters produced by solar still for potable usage, 23(3A), pp 859-866, I.F. 0.641.
    27. Ariffin, S.N, Lim, H.N. , Jumeri, F.A, Zobir, M, Abdullah, A.H, Ahmad, M, Ibrahim, N.A, Huang, N.M, Teo, P.S, Muthoosamy, K., Harrison, I., Modification of polypropylene filter with metal oxide and reduced graphene oxide for water treatment (Article), 40(5), pp 6927-6936, I.F. 1,789.
    28. Jumeri, F.A. Lim, H.N., Ariffin, S.N, Huang, N.M. Teo, P.S, Fatin, S.O, Chia, C.H. , Harrison, I., Microwave synthesis of magnetically separable ZnFe2O 4-reduced graphene oxide for wastewater treatment (Article), 40(5), pp 7057-7065.
    29. Lim, Y.S, Tan, Y.P, Lim, H.N , Huang, N.M, Tan, W.T, Yarmo, M.A, Yin, C.-Y , Potentiostatically deposited polypyrrole/graphene decorated nano-manganese oxide ternary film for supercapacitors (Article), 40(3), pp 3855-3864.
    30. Lim, S , Huang, N.M , Lim, H.N., Mazhar, M, Surface modification of aerosol-assisted CVD produced TiOThin film for dye sensitised solar cell , 2014, I.F. 2.663.
    31. Lim, S.P, Huang, N.M., Lim, H.N. , Mazhar, M, Aerosol assisted chemical vapour deposited (AACVD) of TiO2 thin film as compact layer for dye-sensitised solar cell (Article), 40(6), pp 8045-8052, I.F. 1.789.
    32. Abidin, Z.Z, Omar, F.N. Yogarajah, P, Biak, D.R.A., Man, Y.B.C., Dielectric characterization of liquid containing low alcoholic content for potential halal authentication in the 0.5-50 GHz range (Article), 11(7), pp 1104-1112.
    33. Balavandy, S.K, Shameli, K. , Biak, D.R.B.A , Abidin, Z.Z., Stirring time effect of silver nanoparticles prepared in glutathione mediated by green method (Article), 8(1), I.F. 1,312.
    34. Herliati, H., Yunus, , Rashid, U. , Abidin, Z.Z Ahamad, I.S., Synthesis of 1,3-dichloropropanol from glycerol using muriatic acid as chlorinating agent , 20(10), pp 2907-2912, I.F. 0.253.
    35. Barahuie, F , Hussein, M.Z, Fakurazi, S. , Zainal, Z., Development of drug delivery systems based on layered hydroxides for nanomedicine, 15(5), pp 7750-7786, I.F. 2.464.
    36. Mun, L.K, Abdullah, A.H., Hussein, M.Z., Zainal, Z., Synthesis and photocatalysis of ZnO/γ-Fe2O3 nanocomposite in degrading herbicide 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic a, 15(4), pp 5916-5927, I.F. 2,464.
    37. Kura, A.U , Ain, N.M. , Hussein, M.Z., Fakurazi, S. , Hussein-Al-Ali, S.H., Toxicity and metabolism of layered double hydroxide intercalated with levodopa in a Parkinson's disease model (Review), 15(4), pp 5916-5927, I.F. 2,464.
    38. Sahari, J, Sapuan, S.M. , Zainudin, E.S., Maleque, M.A., Physico-chemical and thermal properties of starch derived from sugar palm tree (Arenga pinnata) , 26(4), pp 955-959, I.F. 0.253.
    39. Misron, N. , Harun, N.H., Lee, Y.K , Sidek, R.M , Aris, I. , Wakiwaka, H , Tashiro, K., Improvement in sensitivity of an inductive oil palm fruit sensor , 14(2), pp 2431-2448, I.F. 1.953.
    40. Nor Firdaus, R. , Misron, N., Aravind Vaithilingam, C. , Nirei, M. , Wakiwaka, H., Improvement of energy density in single stator interior permanent magnet using double stator topology, 2014, I.F. 1.383.
    41. Bahraminasab, M , Sahari, B.B., Edwards, K.L., Farahmand, F., Jahan, A, Hong, T.S, Arumugam, M., On the influence of shape and material used for the femoral component pegs in knee prostheses for reducing the problem of aseptic loosening , 55, pp 416-428, I.F. 2.913.
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    44. Samsulida Abdul Rahman, Rafidah Saadun, Nur Ellina Azmi, Nurhayati Ariffin, Jaafar Abdullah, Nor Azah Yusof, Hamidah Sidek and Reza Hajian, Label-Free Dengue Detection Utilizing PNA/DNA Hybridization Based on the Aggregation Process of Unmodified Gold Nanoparticles,I.F. 1.547.
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    47. 47.Ibrahim, I.R. , Hashim, M., Nazlan, R., Ismail, I., Wan Ab Rahman, W.N., Abdullah, N.H., Mohd Idris, F., Shafie, M.S.E., Muhamad Zulkimi, M.M., Grouping trends of magnetic permeability components in their parallel evolution with microstructure in Ni0.3Zn0.7Fe 2O4 (Article), 355(2014), pp 265-275, I.F. 1.826.
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    68. Ravishankar Sathyamurthy, P.K. Nagarajan, Hyacinth J Kennady, T.S. Ravikumar, V. Pulson, Amimul Ahsan, Enhancement of fresh water production on triangular pyramid solar still using phase change material as storage material,5(1).

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