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Chee, W.K, Lim, H.N , Harrison, I, Chong, K.F, Zainal, Z, Ng, C.H., Huang, N.M.

Performance of Flexible and Binderless Polypyrrole/Graphene Oxide/Zinc Oxide Supercapacitor Electrode in a Symmetrical Two-Electrode Configuration


Ariffin, S.N, Lim, H.N , Talib, Z.A, Pandikumar, A. Huang, N.M.

Aerosol-assisted chemical vapor deposition of metal oxide thin films for photoelectrochemical water splitting


Ariffin, S.N. Lim, H.N., Talib, Z.A, Pandikumar, A , Huang, N.M

Corrigendum to "Aerosol-assisted chemical vapor deposition of metal oxide thin films for photoelectrochemical water splitting" [Int J Hydrogen Energy 40 (2015) 2115-2131]


Ng, C.H, Lim, H.N , Lim, Y.S, Chee, W.K., Huang, N.M.

Fabrication of flexible polypyrrole/graphene oxide/manganese oxide supercapacitor


Azmi, N.E., Ramli, N.I, Abdullah, J.b , Abdul Hamid, M.A, Sidek, H, Abd Rahman, S., Ariffin, N. Yusof, N.A

A simple and sensitive fluorescence based biosensor for the determination of uric acid using H2O2-sensitive quantum dots/dual enzymes


Hushiarian, R., Yusof, N.A., Houshiarian, N., Abdullah, A.H., Ahmad, S.A.A.

Computer modeling to optimize the sensitivity of an optical DNA nanosensor


Fen, Y.W , Yunus, W.M.M. Talib, Z.A, Yusof, N.A.

Development of surface plasmon resonance sensor for determining zinc ion using novel active nanolayers as probe


Zeman, N.H. Yusof, N.A , Othman, A.I

Detection of free fatty acid in crude palm oil


Hajian, R. , Mehrayin, Z. Mohagheghian, M, Zafari, M, Hosseini, P, Shams, N.

Fabrication of an electrochemical sensor based on carbon nanotubes modified with gold nanoparticles for determination of valrubicin as a chemotherapy drug: Valrubicin-DNA interaction


Sook-Keng Chang, Zulkarnain Zainal, Kar-Ban Tan, Nor Azah Yusof, Wan Mohamad Daud Wan Yusoff and S. R. S. Prabaharan

Synthesis and electrochemical properties of nanostructured nickel–cobalt oxides as supercapacitor electrodes in aqueous media


Nor Ain Shahera Khairi, Nor Azah Yusof, Abdul Halim Abdullah and Faruq Mohammad

Removal of Toxic Mercury from Petroleum Oil by Newly Synthesized Molecularly-Imprinted Polymer


J.I.A Rashid, N.A. Yusof, J. Abdullah, U. Hashim and R. Hajian

A novel Disposable Biosensor Based on SiNWs/AuNPs Modified-Screen Printed Electrode for Dengue Virus DNA Oligomer Detection


Salamtu Aliyu Tukur, Nor Azah Yusof, and Reza Hajian

Gold nanoparticles-Modified Screen -Printed Electrode for Determination of Pb(II) Ion Suing Linear Sweep Anodic Stripping Voltammetry


Zainab Yunusa, Mohd Nizar Hamidon, Alyani Ismail, Maryam Mohd Isa, Mohd Hanif Yaacob, Saeed Rahmanian, Siti Azlida Ibrahim and Arafat A.A Shabaneh

Development of a Hydrogen Gas Sensor Using a Double Saw Resonator System at Room Temperature



Anwer Sabah Mekki, Mohd Nizar Hamidon, Alyani Ismail and Adam R. H. Alhawari

Gain Enhancement of a Microstrip Patch Antenna Using



Ghaemi, F, Yunus, R., Mohd Salleh, M.A., Lim, H.N., Rashid, S.A.

Bulk production of high-purity carbon nanosphere by combination of chemical vapor deposition methods
Fullerenes Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures, 23 (8), pp. 669-675.


Lokman, I.M., Rashid, U., Taufiq-Yap, Y.H., Yunus, R.

Methyl ester production from palm fatty acid distillate using sulfonated glucose-derived acid catalyst
Renewable Energy, 81, pp. 347-354.


Altaie, M.A.H., Janius, R.B., Rashid, U., Taufiq Yap, Y.H., Yunus, R., Zakaria, R.

Cold flow and fuel properties of methyl oleate and palm-oil methyl ester blends
Fuel, 160, pp. 238-244.


Gulzar, M., Masjuki, H., Varman, M., Kalam, M., Mufti, R.A., Zulkifli, N., Yunus, R., Zahid, R.

Improving the AW/EP ability of chemically modified palm oil by adding CuO and MoS2nanoparticles
Tribology International, 88, pp. 271-279.


Ahmadian, A., Salahshour, S., Baleanu, D., Amirkhani, H., Yunus, R.

Tau method for the numerical solution of a fuzzy fractional kinetic model and its application to the oil palm frond as a promising source of xylose
Journal of Computational Physics, 294, pp. 562-584.


Soltani, S., Rashid, U., Yunus, R., Taufiq-Yap, Y.H.

Synthesis of Biodiesel through Catalytic Transesterification of Various Feedstocks using Fast Solvothermal Technology: A Critical Review
Catalysis Reviews - Science and Engineering, 29 p. Article in Press.


Azeman, N.H., Yusof, N.A., Abdullah, J., Yunus, R., Hamidon, M.N., Hajian, R.

Study on the spectrophotometric detection of free fatty acids in palm oil utilizing enzymatic reactions
Molecules, 20 (7), pp. 12328-12340.


Alhassan, F.H., Rashid, U., Yunus, R., Sirat, K., Lokman, I.M., Taufiq-Yap, Y.H.

Synthesis of ferric-manganese doped tungstated zirconia nanoparticles as heterogeneous solid superacid catalyst for biodiesel production from waste cooking oil
International Journal of Green Energy, 12 (9), pp. 987-994.


Amirkhani, H., Yunus, R., Rashid, U., Salleh, S.F., Radhiah, A.B.D., Syam, S.

Low-Temperature Dilute Acid Hydrolysis of Oil Palm Frond
Chemical Engineering Communications, 202 (9), pp. 1235-1244.


Chang, T.-S., Yunus, R., Rashid, U., Choong, T.S.Y., Biak, D.R.A., Syam, A.M.

Palm oil derived trimethylolpropane triesters synthetic lubricants and usage in industrial metalworking fluid
Journal of Oleo Science, 64 (2), pp. 143-151.


Rashid, U., Anwar, F., Yunus, R., Al-Muhtaseb, A.H.

Transesterification for biodiesel production using thespesia populnea seed oil: An optimization study
International Journal of Green Energy, 12 (5), pp. 479-484.


Ghaemi, F., Ahmadian, A., Yunus, R., Mohd Salleh, M.A., Senu, N.

Effect of growing graphene flakes on branched carbon nanofibers based on carbon fiber on mechanical and thermal properties of polypropylene
RSC Advances, 5 (13), pp. 9925-9932.


Zarifah, N.A., Lim, W.F., Matori, K.A., Sidek, H.A.A., Wahab, Z.A., Zainuddin, N., Salleh, M.A., Fadilah, B.N., Fauzana, A.N.

An elucidating study on physical and structural properties of 45S5 glass at different sintering temperatures
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 412, pp. 24-29.


Shojaei, T.R., Tabatabaei, M., Shawky, S., Salleh, M.A.M., Bald, D.

A review on emerging diagnostic assay for viral detection: the case of avian influenza virus
Molecular Biology Reports, 42 (1), pp. 187-199.


Sbihi, H.M., Nehdi, I.A., Blidi, L.E., Rashid, U., Al-Resayes, S.I.

Lipase/enzyme catalyzed biodiesel production from Prunus mahaleb: A comparative study with base catalyzed biodiesel production
Industrial Crops and Products, 76, art. no. 8303, pp. 1049-1054.


Nehdi, I.A., Sbihi, H.M., Mokbli, S., Rashid, U., Al-Resayes, S.I.

Yucca aloifolia oil methyl esters
Industrial Crops and Products, 69, pp. 257-262.


Nur Syazwani, O., Rashid, U., Taufiq Yap, Y.H.

Low-cost solid catalyst derived from waste Cyrtopleura costata (Angel Wing Shell) for biodiesel production using microalgae oil


Rashid, U., Ansari, F.L.

Challenges in designing therapeutic agents for treating alzheimer's disease-from serendipity to rationality
Drug Design and Discovery in Alzheimer's Disease, pp. 40-141.


Lokman, I.M., Rashid, U., Taufiq-Yap, Y.H.

Meso- and macroporous sulfonated starch solid acid catalyst for esterification of palm fatty acid distillate
Arabian Journal of Chemistry, . Article in Press.


Alhassan, F.H., Rashid, U., Taufiq-Yap, Y.H.

Synthesis of waste cooking oil-based biodiesel via effectual recyclable bi-functional Fe2O3MnOSO4 2-/ZrO2 nanoparticle solid catalyst
Fuel, 142, pp. 38-45.


Mushtaq, M., Tan, I.M., Rashid, U., Sagir, M., Mumtaz, M

Effect of pH on the static adsorption of foaming surfactants on Malaysian sandstone
Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 10 p. Article in Press.


Ashraf, S., Abbas, F., Ibrahim, M., Rashid, U., Khalid, S., Ahmad, H.R., Hakeem, K.R., Majeed, T.

Application of GIS for the identification and demarcation of selective heavy metal concentrations in the urban groundwater
Journal of Geographical Sciences, 25 (2), pp. 225-235.

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