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PUBLICATION 2018 (Q1 & Q2)


Holi A.M., Zainal Z., Ayal A.K., Chang S.-K., Lim H.N.,Talib Z.A., Yap C.-C.

Effect of heat treatment on photoelectrochemical performance of hydrothermally synthesised Ag2S/ZnO nanorods arrays Chemical Physics Letters

Hamra A.A.B., Lim H.N., Hafiz S.M., Kamaruzaman S., RashidS.A., Yunus R., Altarawneh M., Jiang Z.T., Huang N.M.

Performance stability of solid-state polypyrrole-reduced graphene oxide-modified carbon bundle fiber for supercapacitor application Electrochimica Acta

Syed Zainol Abidin S.N.J., Mamat M.S., Rasyid S.A., Zainal Z., Sulaiman Y.

Electropolymerization of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) onto polyvinyl alcohol-graphene quantum dot-cobalt oxide nanofiber composite for high-performance supercapacitor Electrochimica Acta

Mohd Abdah M.A.A., Abdul Rahman N., Sulaiman Y.

Enhancement of electrochemical performance based on symmetrical poly-(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) coated polyvinyl alcohol/graphene oxide/manganese oxide microfiber for supercapacitor Electrochimica Acta

Kefas H.M., Yunus R., Rashid U.,Taufiq-Yap Y.H.

Modified sulfonation method for converting carbonized glucose into solid acid catalyst for the esterification of palm fatty acid distillate Fuel

Mansir N., Teo S.H., Rashid U., Taufiq-Yap Y.H.

Efficient waste Gallus domesticus shell derived calcium-based catalyst for biodiesel production Fuel

Mustafa I.F., Hussein M.Z., Saifullah B., Idris A.S., Hilmi N.H.Z., Fakurazi S.

Synthesis of (Hexaconazole-Zinc/Aluminum-Layered Double Hydroxide Nanocomposite) Fungicide Nanodelivery System for Controlling Ganoderma Disease in Oil Palm Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Nehdi I.A., Sbihi H.M., Tan C.P., Rashid U., Al-Resayes S.I.

Chemical Composition of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Seed Oil from Six Saudi Arabian Cultivars Journal of Food Science

Azmi N.E., Rashid A.H.A., Abdullah J., Yusof N.A., Sidek H.

Fluorescence biosensor based on encapsulated quantum dots/enzymes/sol-gel for non-invasive detection of uric acid Journal of Luminescence

Mohd Hir Z.A., Abdullah A.H., Zainal Z., Lim H.N.

Visible light-active hybrid film photocatalyst of polyethersulfone–reduced TiO2: photocatalytic response and radical trapping investigation Journal of Materials Science

Salih E.Y., Sabri M.F.M., Hussein M.Z., Sulaiman K., Said S.M., Saifullah B., Bashir M.B.A.

Structural, optical and electrical properties of ZnO/ZnAl2O4 nanocomposites prepared via thermal reduction approach Journal of Materials Science

Ayal A.K., Zainal Z., Lim H.N., Talib Z.A., Lim Y.-C., Chang S.-K., Holi A.M.

Fabrication of CdSe nanoparticles sensitized TiO2 nanotube arrays via pulse electrodeposition for photoelectrochemical application Materials Research Bulletin

Daniyal W.M.E.M.M., Fen Y.W., Abdullah J., Saleviter S., Sheh Omar N.A.

Preparation and characterization of hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide modified nanocrystalline cellulose/graphene oxide composite thin film and its potential in sensing copper ion using surface plasmon resonance technique Optik

Omar N.A.S., Fen Y.W., Abdullah J., Zaid M.H.M., Mahdi M.A.

Structural, optical and sensing properties of CdS-NH2GO thin film as a dengue virus E-protein sensing material Optik

Zainuddin N.H., Fen Y.W., Alwahib A.A., Yaacob M.H.,  Bidin N., Omar N.A.S., Mahdi M.A.

Detection of adulterated honey by surface plasmon resonance optical sensor Optik

Soltani S., Rashid U., Roodbar Shojaei T., Nehdi I.A., Ibrahim M.

Modeling of the nanocrystalline-sized mesoporous zinc oxide catalyst using an artificial neural network for efficient biodiesel production Chemical Engineering Communications

Abdulbari H.A., Salleh M.A.M., Rashed M.K., Ismail M.H.S.

Passive, active, and interactive drag-reduction technique to reduce friction and enhance the mixing intensity in rotating disk apparatus Chemical Engineering Communications

Razak M.R., Yusof N.A., Haron M.J., Ibrahim N., Mohammad F., Kamaruzaman S., Al-Lohedan H.A.

Iminodiacetic acid modified kenaf fiber for waste water treatment International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

Silas K., Ghani W.A.W.A.K., Choong T.S.Y., Rashid U.

Carbonaceous materials modified catalysts for simultaneous SO2/NOx removal from flue gas: A review Catalysis Reviews - Science and Engineering

Tareq S., Yap Y.H.T., Saleh T.A., Abdullah A.H., Rashid U., Saiman M.I.

Synthesis of bimetallic gold-pallidum loaded on carbon as efficient catalysts for the oxidation of benzyl alcohol into benzaldehyde Journal of Molecular Liquids

Kania D., Yunus R., Omar R., Abdul Rashid S., Mohamed Jan B., Arsanjani N.

Nonionic polyol esters as thinner and lubricity enhancer for synthetic-based drilling fluids Journal of Molecular Liquids

Jamil F., Al-Haj L., Al-Muhtaseb A.H., Al-Hinai M.A., Baawain M., Rashid U., Ahmad M.N.M.

Current scenario of catalysts for biodiesel production: A critical review Reviews in Chemical Engineering

Kalantari K., Moradihamedani P., Ibrahim N.A.,  Abdullah A.H.B., Afifi A.B.M.

Polysulfone mixed-matrix membrane incorporating talc clay particles for gas separation Polymer Bulletin
24 Moradihamedani P., Abdullah A.H. Ammonia removal from aquaculture wastewater by high flux and high rejection polysulfone/cellulose acetate blend membrane Polymer Bulletin

Ahmad J., Rashid U., Patuzzi F., Baratieri M., Taufiq-Yap Y.H.

Synthesis of char-based acidic catalyst for methanolysis of waste cooking oil: An insight into a possible valorization pathway for the solid by-product of gasification Energy Conversion and Management

Mohd Abdah M.A.A., Mohd Razali N.S., Lim P.T., Kulandaivalu S., Sulaiman Y.

One-step potentiostatic electrodeposition of polypyrrole/graphene oxide/multi-walled carbon nanotubes ternary nanocomposite for supercapacitor Materials Chemistry and Physics

Ramli N.I.T., Rashid S.A., Mamat M.S., Sulaiman Y., Krishnan S.

Incorporation of iron oxide into CNT/GNF as a high-performance supercapacitor electrode Materials Chemistry and Physics
28 Omar N.A.S., Fen Y.W. Recent development of SPR spectroscopy as potential method for diagnosis of dengue virus E-protein Sensor Review

Hussein-Al-Ali S.H., Kura A., Hussein M.Z., Fakurazi S.

Preparation of chitosan nanoparticles as a drug delivery system for perindopril erbumine Polymer Composites
30 Moradihamedani P., Abdullah A.H. Preparation and characterization of polysulfone/zeolite mixed matrix membranes for removal of lowconcentration ammonia from aquaculture wastewater Water Science and Technology

Mohd Abdah M.A.A., Mohammed Modawe Aldris Edris N., Kulandaivalu S., Abdul Rahman N., Sulaiman Y.

Supercapacitor with superior electrochemical properties derived from symmetrical manganese oxide-carbon fiber coated with polypyrrole International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Silas K., Ghani W.A.W.A.K., Choong T.S.Y., Rashid U.

Breakthrough studies of Co3O4 supported activated carbon monolith for simultaneous SO2/NOx removal from flue gas Fuel Processing Technology

Kulandaivalu S., Abdul Shukur R., Sulaiman Y.

Improved electrochemical performance of electrochemically designed layered poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/graphene oxide with poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/nanocrystalline cellulose nanocomposite Synthetic Metals

Ng C.H., Lim H.N., Hayase S., Zainal Z., Shafie S., Huang N.M.

Effects of Temperature on Electrochemical Properties of Bismuth Oxide/Manganese Oxide Pseudocapacitor Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research

Shabut A.M., Hoque Tania M., Lwin K.T., Evans B.A.,  Yusof N.A., Abu-Hassan K.J., Hossain M.A.

An intelligent mobile-enabled expert system for tuberculosis disease diagnosis in real time Expert Systems with Applications
36 Hapishah A.N., Syazwan M.M., Hamidon M.N. Synthesis and characterization of magnetic and microwave absorbing properties in polycrystalline cobalt zinc ferrite (Co0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4) composite Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

Azman A.Z.K., Matori K.A., Ab Aziz S.H., Zaid M.H.M., Wahab S.A.A., Khaidir R.E.M.

Comprehensive study on structural and optical properties of Tm2O3 doped zinc silicate based glass–ceramics Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

Hapipi N.M., Chen S.K., Shaari A.H., Kechik M.M.A., Tan K.B., Lim K.P.

Superconductivity of Y2O3 and BaZrO3 nanoparticles co-added YBa2Cu3O7−δ bulks prepared using co-precipitation method Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
39 Chua C.W., Zainal Z., Lim H.N., Chang S.-K. Effect of electrolytes on the electrochemical performance of nickel cobaltite–titania nanotubes composites as supercapacitive materials Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

Rusly S.N.A., Matori K.A., Ismail I., Abbas Z.,  Awang Z., Idris F.M., Ibrahim I.R.

Effects of crystalline phase formation of multiferroic BiFeO3 on microwave absorption characteristics Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

Rusly S.N.A., Matori K.A., Ismail I., Abbas Z., Awang Z., Zulkimi M.M.M., Idris F.M., Zaid M.H.M., Zulfikri N.D.

Microwave absorption properties of single- and double-layer coatings based on strontium hexaferrite and graphite nanocomposite Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

Nazlan R., Ismail I., Azis R.S., Abbas Z., Ibrahim I.R., Idris F.M., Shafiee F.N., Aripin A.S., Busra N.A.N.

Dependence of magnetic and microwave loss on evolving microstructure in yttrium iron garnet Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

Azis R.S., Syazwan M.M., Shahrani N.M.M., Hapishah A.N., Nazlan R., Idris F.M., Ismail I., Zulkimi M.M.M., Ibrahim I.R., Abbas Z., Saiden N.M.

Influence of sintering temperature on the structural, electrical and microwave properties of yttrium iron garnet (YIG) Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

Azman N.H.N., Mamat M.S., Lim H.N., Sulaiman Y.

High-performance symmetrical supercapacitor based on poly(3,4)-ethylenedioxythiophene/graphene oxide/iron oxide ternary composite Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

Syazwani O.N., Mohd Hir Z.A., Mukhair H., Mastuli M.S., Abdullah A.H.

Designing visible-light-driven photocatalyst of Ag3PO4/CeO2 for enhanced photocatalytic activity under low light irradiation Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

Baqer A.A., Matori K.A., Al-Hada N.M., Kamari H.M., Shaari A.H., Saion E., Chyi J.L.Y.

Copper oxide nanoparticles synthesized by a heat treatment approach with structural, morphological and optical characteristics Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

Oleiwi H.F., Zakaria A., Yap C.C., Tan S.T., Lee H.B.,  Tan C.H., Ginting R.T., Alshanableh A., Talib Z.A.

Surface modification of ZnO nanorods with CdS quantum dots for application in inverted organic solar cells: effect of deposition duration Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

Rehan M., Gardy J., Demirbas A., Rashid U., Budzianowski W.M., Pant D., Nizami A.S.

Waste to biodiesel: A preliminary assessment for Saudi Arabia Bioresource Technology

Thien Y.V., Azis N., Jasni J., Kadir M.Z.A.A., Yunus R.,  Jamil M.K.M., Yaakub Z.

Pre-breakdown streamer propagation and breakdown characteristics of refined bleached and deodorized palm oil under lightning impulse voltage IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation

Megat Nabil Mohsin S., Hussein M.Z., Sarijo S.H.,  Fakurazi S., Arulselvan P., Taufiq-Yap Y.H.

Nanolayered composite with enhanced ultraviolet ray absorption properties from simultaneous intercalation of sunscreen molecules International journal of nanomedicine

Hassan U.A., Hussein M.Z., Alitheen N.B., Yahya Ariff S.A., Masarudin M.J.

In vitro cellular localization and efficient accumulation of fluorescently tagged biomaterials from monodispersed chitosan nanoparticles for elucidation of controlled release pathways for drug delivery systems International journal of nanomedicine

Muda Z., Hashim N., Isa I.M., Bakar S.A., Ali N.M.,  Hussein M.Z., Mamat M., Sidik S.M.

Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous zinc layered hydroxide-isoprocarb nanocomposite Journal of Saudi Chemical Society

Zahid R., Mufti R.A., Gulzar M., Bin Haji Hassan M., Alabdulkarem A., Varman M., Kalam M.A., Binti Mohd Zulkifli N.W., Yunus R.

Tribological compatibility analysis of conventional lubricant additives with palm trimethylolpropane ester (TMP) and tetrahedral amorphous diamond-like carbon coating (ta-C) Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology

Husain A.A.F., Hasan W.Z.W., Shafie S., Hamidon M.N., Pandey S.S.

A review of transparent solar photovoltaic technologies Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Razali S.Z., Yunus R., Abdul Rashid S., Lim H.N., Mohamed Jan B.

Review of biodegradable synthetic-based drilling fluid: Progression, performance and future prospect Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Ng C.H., Lim H.N., Hayase S., Zainal Z., Huang N.M.

Photovoltaic performances of mono- and mixed-halide structures for perovskite solar cell: A review Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Mansir N., Teo S.H., Rashid U., Saiman M.I., Tan Y.P., Alsultan G.A., Taufiq-Yap Y.H.

Modified waste egg shell derived bifunctional catalyst for biodiesel production from high FFA waste cooking oil. A review Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Zainudin A.A., Fen Y.W., Yusof N.A., Al-Rekabi S.H., Mahdi M.A., Omar N.A.S.

Incorporation of surface plasmon resonance with novel valinomycin doped chitosan-graphene oxide thin film for sensing potassium ion Spectrochimica Acta - Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy

Alibe I.M., Matori K.A., Sidek H.A.A., Yaakob Y., Rashid U., Alibe A.M., Zaid M.H.M., Nasir S., Nasir M.M.

Effects of polyvinylpyrrolidone on structural and optical properties of willemite semiconductor nanoparticles by polymer thermal treatment method Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

Ibrahim I.R., Hashim M., Ismail I., Matori K.A., Azis R.S., Nazlan R., Abdullah N.H., Wan Ab Rahman W.N., Mohd Idris F., Mat Daud N.H.

Systematic microstructural development with thermal diffusivity behaviour from nanometric to micronic grains of strontium titanate Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

Alibe I.M., Matori K.A., Sidek H.A.A., Yaakob Y., Rashid U.,  Alibe A.M., Zaid M.H.M., Khiri M.Z.A.

EFfects of calcination holding time on properties of wide band gap willemite semiconductor nanoparticles by the polymer thermal treatment method Molecules
62 Talib N.A.A., Salam F., Sulaiman Y. Development of polyclonal antibody against clenbuterol for immunoassay application Molecules

Usman M.S., Hussein M.Z., Kura A.U., Fakurazi S., Masarudin M.J., Saad F.F.A.

Graphene oxide as a nanocarrier for a theranostics delivery system of protocatechuic acid and gadolinium/gold nanoparticles Molecules

Mohd Azmi U.Z., Yusof N.A., Kusnin N., Abdullah J., Suraiya S., Ong P.S., Ahmad Raston N.H., Abd Rahman S.F., Mohamad Fathil M.F.

Sandwich Electrochemical Immunosensor for Early Detection of Tuberculosis Based on Graphene/Polyaniline-Modified Screen-Printed Gold Electrode Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)

Almassri A.M.M., Hasan W.Z.W., Ahmad S.A., Shafie S., Wada C., Horio K.

Self-calibration algorithm for a pressure sensor with a real-time approach based on an artificial neural network Sensors (Switzerland)

Chachuli S.A.M., Hamidon M.N., Mamat M.S., Ertugrul M., Abdullah N.H.

A hydrogen gas sensor based on TiO2 nanoparticles on alumina substrate Sensors (Switzerland)

Bakhori N.M., Yusof N.A., Abdullah J., Wasoh H., Noor S.S.M.,  Raston N.H.A., Mohammad F.

Immuno nanosensor for the ultrasensitive naked eye detection of tuberculosis Sensors (Switzerland)

Abd Muain M.F., Cheo K.H., Omar M.N., Amir Hamzah A.S., Lim H.N., Salleh A.B., Tan W.S., Ahmad Tajudin A.

Gold nanoparticle-decorated reduced-graphene oxide targeting anti hepatitis B virus core antigen Bioelectrochemistry
69 Tukimin N., Abdullah J., Sulaiman Y. Electrodeposition of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/reduced graphene oxide/manganese dioxide for simultaneous detection of uric acid, dopamine and ascorbic acid Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry

Asnawi M., Azhari S., Hamidon M.N., Ismail I., Helina I.

Synthesis of Carbon Nanomaterials from Rice Husk via Microwave Oven Journal of Nanomaterials

Samsudin N.A., Zainal Z., Lim H.N., Sulaiman Y.,  Chang S.-K., Lim Y.-C., Mohd Amin W.N.

Enhancement of Capacitive Performance in Titania Nanotubes Modified by an Electrochemical Reduction Method Journal of Nanomaterials

Alibe I.M., Matori K.A., Sidek H.A.A., Yazid Y., Saion E., Alibe A.M., Zaid M.H.M., Ali E.A.G.E., Zangina T.

The influence of calcination temperature on structural and optical properties of ZnO-SiO2 nanocomposite by simple thermal treatment route Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Mokbli S., Nehdi I.A., Sbihi H.M., Tan C.P., Al-Resayes S.I., Rashid U.

Yucca aloifolia Seed Oil: A New Source of Bioactive Compounds Waste and Biomass Valorization

Mohammed Modawe Alshik Edris N., Abdullah J.,  Kamaruzaman S., Saiman M.I., Sulaiman Y.

Electrochemical reduced graphene oxide-poly(eriochrome black T)/gold nanoparticles modified glassy carbon electrode for simultaneous determination of ascorbic acid, dopamine and uric acid Arabian Journal of Chemistry

Pam A.A., Abdullah A.H., Ping T.Y., Zainal Z.

Batch and fixed bed adsorption of Pb(II) from aqueous solution using EDTA modified activated carbon derived from palm kernel shell BioResources

Azis R.’S., Sulaiman S., Ibrahim I.R., Zakaria A., Hassan J., Muda N.N.C., Nazlan R., Saiden N.M., Fen Y.W., Mustaffa M.S., Matori K.A.

Influence of pH Adjustment Parameter for Sol–Gel Modification on Structural, Microstructure, and Magnetic Properties of Nanocrystalline Strontium Ferrite Nanoscale Research Letters

Usman M.S., Hussein M.Z., Fakurazi S., Masarudin M.J., Saad F.F.A.

A bimodal theranostic nanodelivery system based on [graphene oxide-chlorogenic acid-gadolinium/gold] nanoparticles PLoS ONE

Rahman S.K.Ab., Yusof N.A., Abdullah A.H., Mohammad F., Idris A., Al-lohedan H.A.

Evaluation of porogen factors for the preparation of ion imprinted polymer monoliths used in mercury removal PLoS ONE

Agudosi E.S., Salleh M.A.M., Abdullah E.C., Mubarak N.M., Khalid M., Azni A.A.

Characterization of crystallized struvite on wastewater treatment equipment: Prospects for crystal fertilizer production Desalination and Water Treatment

Murthy A.S., Azis N., Al-Ameri S., Yousof M.F.M., Jasni J., Talib M.A.

Investigation of the effect of winding clamping structure on frequency response signature of 11 kV distribution transformer Energies

Yahaya M.S., Azis N., Selva A.M., Kadir M.Z.A.A., Jasni J., Kadim E.J.,

Hairi M.H., Ghazali Y.Z.Y.

A maintenance cost study of transformers based on markov model utilizing frequency of transition approach Energies

Azman N.H.N., Lim H.N., Mamat M.S., Sulaiman Y.

Synergistic enhancement of ternary poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/graphene oxide/manganese oxide composite as a symmetrical electrode for supercapacitors Energies

Mohamad N.A., Azis N., Jasni J., Kadir M.Z.A.A., Yunus R., Yaakub Z.

Physiochemical and electrical properties of refined, bleached and deodorized palm oil under high temperature ageing for application in transformers Energies

Kadim E.J., Azis N., Jasni J., Ahmad S.A., Talib M.A.

Transformers health index assessment based on neural-fuzzy network Energies

Selva A.M., Azis N., Yahaya M.S., Ab Kadir M.Z.A., Jasni J., Ghazali Y.Z.Y., Talib M.A.

Application of markov model to estimate individual condition parameters for transformers Energies

Azis R.S., Che Muda N.N., Hassan J., Shaari A.H., Ibrahim I.R., Mustaffa M.S., Sulaiman S., Matori K.A., Fen Y.W.

Effect of ratio in ammonium nitrate on the structural, microstructural, magnetic, and AC conductivity properties of BaFe12O19 Materials

Rahim Z.A., Yusof N.A., Haniff M.A.S.M., Mohammad F., Syono M.I., Daud N.

Electrochemical measurements of multiwalled carbon nanotubes under different plasma treatments Materials
88 Sani F., Shafie S., Lim H.N., Musa A.O. Advancement on lead-free organic-inorganic halide perovskite solar cells: A review Materials

Fudzi L.M., Zainal Z., Lim H.N., Chang S.-K., Holi A.M., Ali M.S.-M.

Effect of temperature and growth time on vertically aligned ZnO nanorods by simplified hydrothermal technique for photoelectrochemical cells Materials

Mohamad N.A., Azis N., Jasni J., Kadir M.Z.A.A., Yunus R., Yaakub Z.

Ageing study of palm oil and coconut oil in the presence of insulation paper for transformers application Materials

Nasir S., Hussein M.Z., Zainal Z., Yusof N.A.

Carbon-based nanomaterials/allotropes: A glimpse of their synthesis, properties and some applications Materials

Jaya Seema D.M., Saifullah B., Selvanayagam M., Gothai S., Hussein M.Z., Subbiah S.K., Mohd Esa N., Arulselvan P.

Designing of the anticancer nanocomposite with sustained release properties by using graphene oxide nanocarrier with phenethyl isothiocyanate as anticancer agent Pharmaceutics

Chiam S.L., Lim H.N., Hafiz S.M., Pandikumar A., Huang N.M.

Correction: Electrochemical performance of supercapacitor with stacked copper foils coated with graphene nanoplatelets (Scientific Reports DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-21572-x) Scientific Reports

Chiam S.L., Lim H.N., Hafiz S.M., Pandikumar A., Huang N.M.

Electrochemical Performance of Supercapacitor with Stacked Copper Foils Coated with Graphene Nanoplatelets Scientific Reports

Foo C.Y., Lim H.N., Mahdi M.A., Wahid M.H., Huang N.M.

Three-Dimensional Printed Electrode and Its Novel Applications in Electronic Devices Scientific Reports

Ng C.H., Ripolles T.S., Hamada K., Teo S.H., Lim H.N., Bisquert J., Hayase S.

Tunable Open Circuit Voltage by Engineering Inorganic Cesium Lead Bromide/Iodide Perovskite Solar Cells Scientific Reports

Samsudin N.A., Zainal Z., Lim H.N., Sulaiman Y., Chang S.-K., Lim Y.-C., Ayal A.K.Mohd Amin W.N.

Capacitive performance of vertically aligned reduced titania nanotubes coated with Mn2O3 by reverse pulse electrodeposition RSC Advances

Talib N.A.A., Salam F., Yusof N.A., Alang Ahmad S.A., Azid M.Z., Mirad R., Sulaiman Y.

Enhancing a clenbuterol immunosensor based on poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/multi-walled carbon nanotube performance using response surface methodology RSC Advances

Muhammad A., Hajian R., Yusof N.A., Shams N., Abdullah J., Woi P.M., Garmestani H.

A screen printed carbon electrode modified with carbon nanotubes and gold nanoparticles as a sensitive electrochemical sensor for determination of thiamphenicol residue in milk RSC Advances

Ibrahim I., Lim H.N., Mohd Zawawi R., Ahmad Tajudin A.,  Ng Y.H., Guo H., Huang N.M.

A review on visible-light induced photoelectrochemical sensors based on CdS nanoparticles Journal of Materials Chemistry B

Salih E.Y., Sabri M.F.M., Sulaiman K., Hussein M.Z., Said S.M., Usop R., Salleh M.F.M., Ali Bashir M.B.

Thermal, structural, textural and optical properties of ZnO/ZnAl2O4 mixed metal oxide-based Zn/Al layered double hydroxide Materials Research Express

Yahaya M.S., Azis N., Selva A.M., Kadir M.Z.A.A., Jasni J., Hairi M.H., Ghazali Y.Z., Talib M.A.

Effect of pre-determined maintenance repair rates on the health index state distribution and performance condition curve based on the Markov Prediction Model for sustainable transformers asset management strategies Sustainability (Switzerland)

Azri F.A., Sukor R., Selamat J., Bakar F.A., Yusof N.A., Hajian R.

Electrochemical immunosensor for detection of aflatoxin B1 based on indirect competitive ELISA Toxins

Saifullah B., Buskaran K., Shaikh R.B., Barahuie F., Fakurazi S., Moklas M.A.M., Hussein M.Z.

Graphene oxide–PEG–protocatechuic acid nanocomposite formulation with improved anticancer properties Nanomaterials

Nicholas A.F., Hussein M.Z., Zainal Z., Khadiran T.

Palm kernel shell activated carbon as an inorganic framework for shape-stabilized phase change material Nanomaterials

Tan J.M., Saifullah B., Kura A.U., Fakurazi S., Hussein M.Z.

Incorporation of levodopa into biopolymer coatings based on carboxylated carbon nanotubes for ph-dependent sustained release drug delivery Nanomaterials

Rosman R., Saifullah B., Maniam S., Dorniani D., Hussein M.Z., Fakurazi S.

Improved anticancer effect of magnetite nanocomposite formulation of gallic acid (Fe3 o4 -peg-ga) against lung, breast and colon cancer cells Nanomaterials

Mustafa I.F., Hussein M.Z., Seman I.A., Hilmi N.H.Z., Fakurazi S.

Synthesis of Dazomet-Zinc/Aluminum-Layered Double Hydroxide Nanocomposite and Its Phytotoxicity Effect on Oil Palm Seed Growth ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

Hasan I.H., Hamidon M.N., Ismail A., Ismail I., Mekki A.S., Mohd Kusaimi M.A., Azhari S., Osman R.

YIG Thick Film as Substrate Overlay for Bandwidth Enhancement of Microstrip Patch Antenna IEEE Access

Anuar M.F., Fen Y.W., Zaid M.H.M., Matori K.A., Khaidir R.E.M.

Synthesis and structural properties of coconut husk as potential silica source Results in Physics

Omar N.A.S., Fen Y.W., Abdullah J., Anas N.A.A., Ramdzan N.S.M., Mahdi M.A.

Optical and structural properties of cadmium sulphide quantum dots based thin films as potential sensing material for dengue virus E-protein Results in Physics

Albert E.L., Che Abdullah C.A.,

Shiroshaki Y.

Synthesis and characterization of graphene oxide functionalized with magnetic nanoparticle via simple emulsion method Results in Physics

Saleviter S., Fen Y.W., Omar N.A.S., Zainudin A.A., Daniyal W.M.E.M.M.

Optical and structural characterization of immobilized 4-(2-pyridylazo)resorcinol in chitosan-graphene oxide composite thin film and its potential for Co2+ sensing using surface plasmon resonance technique Results in Physics

Lokman M.Q., Yusoff S.F.A.Z., Ahmad F., Zakaria R., Yahaya H., Shafie S., Rosnan R.M., Harun S.W.

Deposition of silver nanoparticles on polyvinyl alcohol film using electron beam evaporation and its application as a passive saturable absorber Results in Physics

Syazwan M.M., Hapishah A.N., Azis R.S., Abbas Z., Hamidon M.N.

Grain growth effects on magnetic properties of Ni0.6Zn0.4Fe2O4 material prepared using mechanically alloyed nanoparticles Results in Physics

Zuikafly S.N.F., Khalifa A., Ahmad F., Shafie S., Harun S.

Conductive graphene as passive saturable absorber with high instantaneous peak power and pulse energy in Q-switched regime Results in Physics

Sayyed M.I., AlZaatreh M.Y., Matori K.A., Sidek H.A.A., Zaid M.H.M.

Comprehensive study on estimation of gamma-ray exposure buildup factors for smart polymers as a potent application in nuclear industries Results in Physics

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Optical properties of zinc lead tellurite glasses Results in Physics

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Synthesis and characterization of binary (CuO)0.6(CeO2)0.4 nanoparticles via a simple heat treatment method Results in Physics

Elazoumi S.H., Sidek H.A.A., Rammah Y.S., El-Mallawany R., Halimah M.K., Matori K.A., Zaid M.H.M.

Effect of PbO on optical properties of tellurite glass Results in Physics

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Development of an optical sensor based on surface plasmon resonance phenomenon for diagnosis of dengue virus E-protein Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research

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Activated carbon monolith Co[Formula presented]O[Formula presented] based catalyst: Synthesis, characterization and adsorption studies Environmental Technology and Innovation

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Theoretical and experimental models for the synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes and their electrochemical properties Journal of Applied Electrochemistry

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Graphene-based ternary composites for supercapacitors International Journal of Energy Research

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Fabrication of poly(vinyl alcohol)-graphene quantum dots coated with poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) for supercapacitor Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry

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Biochar production from microalgae cultivation through pyrolysis as a sustainable carbon sequestration and biorefinery approach Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy

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Exhaust emission profiling of fatty acid methyl esters and NOx control studies using selective synthetic and natural additives Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy

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Development of an electrochemical DNA biosensor to detect a foodborne pathogen Journal of Visualized Experiments
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Nurul Ain A. Talib, Faridah Salam, Nor Azah Yusof,  Shahrul Ainliah Alang Ahmad, 

Enhancing clenbuterol immunosensor based on poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/multi-walled carbon nanotube performance by response surface methodology RSC Advances

Tong Ling Tan, Chin Wei Lai, Sok Lai Hong, Suraya Abdul Rashid

New insights into the photocatalytic endocrine disruptors dimethyl phathalate esters degradation by UV/MWCNTs-TiO2 nanocomposites Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry

Chuan Li Lee , Paik San H'ng , Md Tahir Paridah , Kit Ling Chin , Umer Rashid , Mariusz Maminski , Wen Ze Go , Raja Ahamd Raja Nazrin , Siti Nurul Asyikin Rosli and Pui San Khoo

Production of Bioadsorbent from Phosphoric Acid Pretreated Palm Kernel Shell and Coconut Shell by Two-stage Continuous Physical Activation via N2 and Air Royal Society Open Science

Soroush Soltani, Umer Rashid, Taha Roodbar Shojaei, Imededdine Arbi Nehdi & Muhammad Ibrahim

Modelling of the Nanocrystalline Sized Mesoporous Zinc Oxide Catalyst using an Artificial Neural Network for Efficient Biodiesel Production Chemical Engineering Communications

Nasir Mahmood , Nasir Rasool , Hafiz Mansoor Ikram , Muhammad Ali Hashmi, Tariq Mahmood, Muhammad Zubair, Gulraiz Ahmad, Komal Rizwan, Tahir Rashid and Umer Rashid 

Synthesis of 3,4-Biaryl-2,5-Dichlorothiophene through Suzuki Cross-Coupling and Theoretical Exploration of Their Potential Applications as Nonlinear Optical Materials Symmetry

N.A. Mustaffa, Q. Ahsan, M.A. Azam and A.L. Chuah

Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Nur izzah nabilah harris, shafreeza sobri, Norazila kassim

Oil palm empty fruit bunch extract as green corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in hydrochloric acid solution: Central composite design optimization" for publication in Materials and Corrosion Materials and Corrosion

Chee Wah Loya Andrew E.Whittenb Lilianade Campob Dominique Appadooc Norhazlin Zainuddin Khamirul Amin Matorief Christine Rehmbg Anna Sokolovab Chunhai Wang Qingbo Xiaa Thomas A.Whittlea Siegbert Schmida

Investigation of the siliceous hydrogel phase formation in glass-ionomer cement paste Physica B: Condensed Matter
138 S. H. Alazoumi1,5 · H. A. A. Sidek1,2 · R. El‑Mallawany3
 · Halimah Mohamed Kamari1
 · Mohd Hafiz Mohd Zaid1,2 ·
Engku Abd Ghapur Engku Ali2,4
Elastic moduli of TeO2–PbO glass system Applied Physics A; Materials Science and Processing
139 Talib NAA1,2, Salam F3, Sulaiman Y4,5. Development of highly sensitive immunosensor for clenbuterol detection by using poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/graphene oxide modified screen-printed carbon electrode Sensor (Basel)

Igor Cretescua Maria Harjab Carmen Teodosiua Dorina  Nicolina Isopescuc Men  Fei Chokd Brindusa Mihaela Slusera Mohamad Amran Mohd Sallehe

Synthesis and characterisation of a binder cement replacement based on alkali activation of fly ash waste Process Safety and Environmental Protection
141 Tong Ling Tan, Chin Wei Lai, Sok Lai Hong, Suraya
Abdul Rashid
New insights into the photocatalytic endocrine disruptors dimethyl phathalate esters degradation by UV/MWCNTs-TiO2 nanocomposites Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry
142 Siti Fatimah Nur Abdul Aziz  Ruzniza Zawawi  Shahrul Ainliah Alang Ahmad An Electrochemical Sensing Platform for the Detection of Lead Ions Based on Dicarboxyl-Calix[4]arene Electroanalysis
143 Nur Hawa Nabilah AzmanYusran SulaimanEmail authorMd Shuhazlly Mamat @ Mat NazirHong Ngee Lim Novel poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/reduced graphene oxide incorporated with manganese oxide/iron oxide for supercapacitor device Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
144 Arshin Oskoueian,1 Khamirul Amin Matori,1,2 Saadi Bayat,3,4 Ehsan Oskoueian,5,6 Farhad Ostovan,7 and Meysam Toozandehjani1 Fabrication, Characterization, and Functionalization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Conjugated with Tamoxifen and Its Anticancer Potential against Human Breast Cancer Cells Journal of Nanomaterials
145 Nor Aziana Aliteh 1,* , Norhisam Misron 1,2,* , Ishak Aris 1, Roslina Mohd Sidek 1, Kunihisa Tashiro 3 and Hiroyuki Wakiwaka 3 Triple flat-type inductive-based oil palm fruit maturity sensor sensors


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